Unifying Revenue Teams Across the Pond: How 6sense Helped BluJay Create a Comprehensive ABM Strategy

With a goal of transitioning to an ABM system to unite its sales and marketing teams, BluJay Solutions engaged 6sense to increase transparency and communication … and saw immediate results.


BluJay Solutions struggled to align revenue team priorities and efforts across sales and marketing.

But when the Michigan-based company shifted to ABM and collaborated with 6sense, it:

  • Built a comprehensive ABM strategy across the revenue team
  • Grew to over 6,300 accounts in under six months, a dramatic increase
  • Transitioned to a metrics-based marketing strategy

The Challenges

Initially, BluJay’s marketing strategy was primarily batch-and-blast: “We’d market our message to large groups of people and companies and react to what stuck,” explains Andrea Feldman, BluJay’s Director of Field Marketing.

As marketers know, this process can be frustrating, inefficient, and expensive — and often delivers less than stellar results. The company was ready for a new approach.

But BluJay’s global presence added a layer of complexity to marketing and sales alignment. The company had revenue teams based throughout the world, often working out of sync in different time zones.

First Steps

As Feldman and her team began worked out their next steps, they kept BluJay’s global needs front and center. “We had to ask ourselves, ‘What are the focuses for each specific region?’” she recalls.

To bring those regional focuses into the forefront, field sales, account development, and field marketing had to work transparently and on a consistent basis. ABM was the right solution.

As BluJay’s champion of ABM, Feldman worked to unite these disparate players across the revenue team, using data and metrics to prove why BluJay needed to implement a strong ABM strategy.


The traditional ways of marketing like batch and blast, specifically email, are going out of style and ABM is quickly coming to the forefront.

Andrea Feldman Director of Field Marketing, BluJay

Building an ABM Platform

6sense provided the intuitive platform — one in which metrics and measurable outcomes guide decisions, not guesswork — that BluJay was looking for.

6sense’s ABM orchestration platform quickly became core to BluJay’s go-to-market strategy. With segmentation analytics and campaign modules, BluJay segments its target markets with far more accuracy than before — and it understands what’s resonating with those audiences.

“We really wanted to start our ABM strategy from a brand awareness perspective,” Feldman says. “Brands we were targeting didn’t know who we were. If someone doesn’t know you, they’re not going to give you their information.”

The Results

BluJay generated great outcomes with the 6sense platform by starting small and boldly digging in where it see potential. This led the company to:

  • Build a comprehensive ABM strategy across the revenue team
  • Grow to over 6,300 accounts in under six months, a dramatic increase
  • Transition to a metrics-based marketing strategy

6sense helped BluJay Solutions bridge the gap between its sales and marketing teams, bringing together previously siloed functional areas — and leaping forward with success.