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How FARO Technologies Won Forrester’s Return on Integration Award

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increase in demand conversion


faster sales velocity


rise in ROI

FARO Technologies is the global leader in 3D measurement imaging realization solutions, helping manufacturers eliminate costly errors, builders construct amazing projects, and law enforcement establish better cases.

Recently, FARO found itself at an inflection point. Shifts in the market meant that what had sent FARO to the top might not keep it there. Moving to an ABX model brought FARO:

  • 7x increase in demand conversion
  • 50% faster sales velocity
  • 5x rise in ROI

And all this hard work led to FARO’s team winning Forrester’s Return on Integration award.

The Challenge

The marketing team at FARO was sure it could make the changes it needed to keep the company on top, and do better work for less money.

The first step was bringing the marketing team together, transforming what had essentially been three disjointed teams into one. This streamlining helped rein in costs, align the marketing organization, and make sure the buyer was at the center of their conversations.

Taking it Digital

FARO’s previously complicated marketing organization had used an equally complicated martech stack. Kirwan and Cole knew it would need reshaping in order to fit the new ABX model and newly streamlined team.

“Of all the technologies that we had around the world being used by the different marketers, we kept five core platforms. We eliminated 17 and then we added 10 new technologies, so we can deliver well-orchestrated experiences along that customer life cycle,” said Cole, FARO’s VP of Corporate Marketing.

Shifting technologies did mean an incremental increase in spend, but Cole said that with the changes, they were able to reduce headcount by 40% and elevate their capabilities.

When FARO chose to focus on pre-sale technologies, 6sense was one of its top choices.

“6sense ended up being our short list of people, the people we knew we could rely on before the sale, because we also knew that we were going to be able to rely on them after the sale as well,” Kirwan said.

The Results

Rethinking FARO’s entire marketing system, from the team to the technology, wasn’t a small — or quick — effort.

“We truly appreciate the partnership we have with six sense and the dedication of their team. Their expertise and commitment to our success have been instrumental in driving our transformation and achieving our goals. We look forward to continuing to leverage their talents and lessons learned in the market to accelerate our business even further.”

– Lisa Cole, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at FARO Technologies

But by centering around an ABX effort, revamping the martech stack, and building a thoughtful team, FARO’s results have been stunning … and they have a Forrester award to show for it.

About the Customer

FARO serves the 3D Metrology, AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), O&M (Operations & Maintenance), and Public Safety Analytics markets. For over 40 years, FARO has been a pioneer in #RealityCapture, bridging the digital and physical worlds.

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