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Global Industrial Manufacturing Company Generated $181M in Pipeline Using 6sense

Revenue AI for Marketing

$9.7 million

of closed-won revenue in one quarter

$21 million

in closed-won opportunities


increase in average deal size

A global provider of fastening solutions spent years using traditional approaches such as print advertising to market its brand and products with limited success. Then, a few years ago, they implemented a digital transformation that shifted their mindset and modernized their sales and marketing motions.

By adopting an intent data-driven approach with 6sense and providing continuous enablement across their revenue team to drive adoption, this company produced the following results in 2022: 

  • Generated $181 million in pipeline and $9.7 million of closed-won revenue in Q3  
  • Paid advertising influenced $21 million in closed-won opportunities and $113 million in pipeline 
  • 6sense-predicted opportunities yielded a 37% increase in average deal size compared to non-predicted opportunities
  • 6sense-predicted accounts were 3.65X more likely to open an opportunity

But before they could achieve these remarkable results, the manufacturing giant had to rethink their go-to-market processes. 

The Challenge

Previously, the company’s sales and marketing processes were manually driven and reliant on print advertising. But the company’s go-to-market leaders recognized the need to adopt a digital-driven, modernized approach. 

The move to a digital approach initially brought in a higher lead volume than the team could track. This led to conversations around how marketers could better prioritize and target those leads and provide the sales team with only the best leads with the highest-quality data. 

Realizing the power of intent data, the company chose 6sense to help them prioritize leads based on account insights.

The Solution

The company now targets and engages accounts at scale — with 6sense at the core of their revenue process. 

The sales team has established a “super user” group of data-driven sales representatives who continuously leverage account insights through 6sense Revenue AI™ and proactively prospects accounts that are in-market and primed to buy. The team gains added momentum by creating “power users” within the team, which helps foster continuous enablement and education among each other to drive adoption further.

The team regularly generates new opportunities by working accounts and leveraging key account insights — such as digital activity, form fills, marketing activities — to properly tailor their conversations. 

The marketing team has built industry-specific campaigns for their strategic markets, which deliver the most relevant product information and technical details to the personas within those markets.

They also use 6sense’s lead scoring and AI-powered predictive capabilities to craft customized, resonant outreach to various personas at each buying stage: 

  • If a contact is at the beginning of their buying process, they receive content that increases awareness for the brand.
  • If the contact is further along in the funnel — in the Decision or Purchase buying stage — they receive content and technical resources that help them make a buying decision.

Using 6sense, the company successfully adapted to today’s digital-forward world with a modernized sales and marketing approach and an “all in” adoption of new technologies and intent data. 

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