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More ‘Aha! Moments’ From Our Recent 6sense + Slintel Webinar (Part 2 of 2)

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To commemorate 6sense’s acquisition of Slintel, we recently invited Slintel founder and CEO Deepak Anchala to share some game-changing capabilities of the GTM intelligence platform. We’re really glad we recorded that webinar because it’s brimming with great stuff.

You can watch it here.

If you’re hard-pressed for time to watch the video, no worries. We’ve already shared a few brilliant moments from the webinar in Part 1 of this blog series. We’ll share even more today, and they’ll all focus on how Slintel finds and leverages psychographic data.

Psycho-what-ic Data?

Psychographic signals at the account level can accurately capture how a company “thinks,” or what it finds important at any given moment (even down to which charitable causes it supports). This data, long studied in the B2C space, is now becoming increasingly important and impactful in B2B sales.

In these transcribed excerpts from the webinar, Deepak provides a deep-dive into how Slintel taps into this invaluable — and often overlooked —information.

On How Psychographics Immediately Impact a Deal

DEEPAK: Slintel leverages something we call keyword insights, which is essentially psychographics. What we’ve done here is similar to how we approach technographics. We go to about a dozen different sources to identify what companies are talking about.

So this is not what buyers at companies are searching about. This is what companies are talking about in their blogs, in their SEC filings, annual reports, social media, et cetera.

For instance, let’s look at events. Lots of times, sales and marketing people target prospects by [the events they’re attending], right? … Who’s talking about Dreamforce or CES? [Using Slintel,] you could start looking at companies talking about that and go from there.

It’s also helpful when you’re targeting very, very niche or specific areas. Some companies are very niche products.

So let’s say I have a retail product, and I want to identify companies that are talking about impulse purchases or big box stores. [With Slintel], I can go in, look at those specific retail companies that are talking about impulse purchases, and start targeting them.

On Other Noteworthy Applications of Psychographic Data

DEEPAK: On top of that, you can add keyword insights. You could say, “Show me companies that use Salesforce that are looking to reduce their costs.” You can narrow down to a further set of companies by going through other filters, like which companies raised funding recently.

We also track job counts. We feel like this is a great timing trigger, especially when you’re looking at fast-growing, recently funded companies. You could say, “Show me companies that have from 50 job postings to 500 job postings.”

You could set up different filters that matter to you, so you get alerts on those.

You might want to look at something we call interests. Maybe you wanted to identify [roles at accounts] who are interested in fitness, who also use Salesforce, and who are also talking about cost reduction. You can do that with Slintel.

You could see what other interests [these roles] have — like cooking, or outdoors. These are great conversation starters when you’re on calls, especially for AEs. You can say, “Hey, I saw you trekked the Himalayas” and “How was base camp?” Or, “I see you like watching baseball, so how is this team performing?”

You get into much more meaningful conversations using interests, and even SDRs can personalize outreach, using interest to get much higher response rates.


The 6sense platform already enables revenue teams to plan and forecast revenue, uncover anonymous buying behavior, prioritize and engage accounts, and measure account-based go-to-market results. Our acquisition of Slintel adds enhanced insights at the account level as well as modern business contact data to enable more relevant, personalized, and timely campaigns and outreach.

If you’d like to dive deeper into what Slintel brings to the table, be sure to check out Deepak’s recent webinar.

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