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How 6sense Improves Marketing Conversion Rates

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6sense’s Revenue AI™ platform is designed to make marketing a more efficient and effective function.  

Instead of focusing on generating as many leads of questionable quality as possible, 6sense helps marketers boost their conversion rates — improving marketing ROI and increasing the amount of revenue they drive.  

Here’s the Difference: We believe in the “No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.” ethos, which means marketing conversion is more influenced by the full buying journey experience and not by commoditized form-fills.  

Marketing conversion rates should be focused on moving buyers from stage-to-stage by delivering the right message at the right time

How 6sense Helps: With 6sense, marketers can increase their conversion rates by: 

  • Uncovering the accounts where they can make the most impact — and know exactly where they are in their journey 
  • Delivering more personalized and relevant experiences to buyers 
  • Using AI to reduce manual workload while increasing engagement 

Let’s look at those in more detail. 

Find the Accounts Where Marketing Can Make the Most Impact 

Roughly 10% of your total addressable market is in-market at any given time. That means marketing to the remaining 90% is ultimately an exercise in brand awareness. If brand awareness is your goal, it might be appropriate to make that level of marketing investment because you can keep your products and services at the top of those accounts’ minds. So, when they do become in-market, you’re the solution they think of first.  

However, if you’re looking for conversions from that group, you’re unlikely to see any because they aren’t actively looking for your products and services. 

In contrast, 6sense surfaces the accounts that are showing the key signals for being in-market for your products and services. These are the accounts that actually matter. 

By tracking key buying signals like… 

  • Keyword research 
  • Website activity 
  • Campaign engagement 
  • Third-party web visits 

…you start to get a clear picture of a company that is actively researching for solutions like yours and might be ready to learn more about your products. 

Armed with this information, marketers can hone their campaigns to focus on the crucial 10%. 6sense empowers you to segment your audience based on this intelligence, ensuring your campaigns are reliably targeting the right audience.  

Delivering Personalized Experiences 

Once marketing knows which accounts are in-market — and where they are in their buying journey — they can start providing a more personalized buying experience. 

Using those segments mentioned above, marketers can create campaigns that speak to different audiences and update dynamically based on buyer behavior. 

Whether you’re trying to influence a top-of-funnel lead or someone who’s in the Decision phase, with 6sense you can create: 

  • Advertising campaigns targeted at specific accounts or buying stages  
  • Nurture campaigns that deliver relevant offers relative to a buyer’s interests (more on that in a minute) 

Each of these capabilities increases conversion rates by meeting buyers where they are in their journey and serving up offers that are hyper-specific to them. 

AI Can Keep Leads Warm and Turn them into Opportunities 

Conversational Email is an AI-powered email assistant tool that reduces the amount of human effort needed to launch and maintain email campaigns. 

Cold leads need love too, and with 6sense’s Conversation Email platform, you increase your conversion rate on these leads by lowering the human effort involved in engaging them. 

Conversational Email

  • Automatically enrolls accounts and buyers in campaigns 
  • Nurtures accounts as they perform actions, moving them into appropriate campaigns 
  • Automates responses to different scenarios 
  • Hands off leads to your teams after they’ve been warmed up 

Conversational Email handles the most monotonous and time-consuming tasks, enhancing the work of your BDRs, lowering your costs, and increasing your effectiveness for better conversion rates. 


Modern marketers should focus on the right accounts at the right time if they want to increase conversion rates. 6sense makes that possible by surfacing in-market companies, enabling personalized campaigns at scale, and providing tools to automate costly activities. 

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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