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The Death of Outbound Sales Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Approached with the right strategy, expanding enterprise contracts can lead to big wins.  

In this episode, Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell, senior manager for sales development at Lattice, talks about the evolving landscape of outbound and sales development, debunking the myths that these strategies are obsolete, and shedding light on their critical role in modern pipeline generation.

Gabrielle shares her thoughts on the importance of clarifying strategy before investing in sales development, and her emphasis on supporting the entire sales team, not just top performers. And Gabrielle’s insights on relationship-building, strategic thinking, and the human element in sales leadership are bound to resonate with today’s sales development professionals.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  1. How to have clarity in sales development before investing in sales management and aligning business development representatives (BDRs) to specific account executives.
  2. The importance of a cohesive and efficient sales development team and supporting the majority of the sales team, not just focusing on top performers.
  3. The role of AI and technology with AI as a force multiplier and accelerator in sales development, AI improving BDR metrics and pipeline generation and how technology has streamlined sales engagement processes.

Things to listen for:

04:13 Rethink your strategy to include the average sales rep.
08:42 Clarity of feedback and well-stated goals are essential for successful sales development.
12:21 Make no mistake: the relationship between manager and employee affects performance.
21:40 AI and technology can streamline your process, but they’re no replacement for honest work. 
26:32 Sales challenges during the pandemic proved that a new approach is required. 

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