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Navigating the Transition to Account-Based Revenue


OK, so a new tactic for your revenue teams is introduced. It makes total sense. It’s going to make their lives easier (and their bonuses bigger)…why the heck aren’t they adopting it?

Casey Carey knows the answer. 

On this episode of Revenue Makers, Casey Carey, Chief Marketing Officer at Quantive, shares stories of how the strategic approach to marketing and generating revenue has helped his company grow effectively. Listen in to understand just how the philosophy works and how you could implement it into your business. And, he reveals the secret he uncovered as to why more teams aren’t adopting this “no-brainer” approach (and how he overcame it with his teams).

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Beginning at the account-level is the foundation of an account-based strategy.
  • Accounts-based marketing can form the basis for solid decision making.
  • While the philosophy isn’t perfect, it could potentially be the best in the industry so far.

Things to listen for:
[00:22] What is an Account-Based Strategy?
[06:24] Key Criteria for ICPs
[14:22] How the CMO Role has Evolved 
[19:41] Changing Metrics for an Account-Based Strategy
[21:21] Casey’s Account-Based Success Story
[28:15] The Important Role of Technology
[31:48] The Most Ridiculous Thing Casey’s Had to Do

The 6sense Team

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