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Welcome to ‘RevCity,’ 6sense’s Fun and Friendly New Customer Community

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Editor’s Note: Heather Foeh is 6sense’s Senior Director, Customer Marketing and Communities.

Community. Call me silly, but I’ve always liked the way that there are two m’s in the middle of that word. It’s like a visual representation of its meaning: bringing people together.

I’m a connector by nature, so I spend a lot of time thinking about just that: bringing people together. Maybe that’s what makes me see beauty in two m’s sitting gently next to each other. Or in two of my acquaintances hitting it off mere moments after I’ve introduced them.

Welcome to RevCity

In our B2B world, few things capture the spirit of community — and the integral communication that accompanies it — better than a digital destination where people congregate and freely share their knowledge, all for free (and drama-free).

At their best, online communities offer firm and friendly common ground for practitioners from disparate backgrounds, roles, and industries. They provide safe spaces — and continuous learning opportunities — for newcomers and industry vets alike.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that 6sense launched one such community yesterday at our customer conference Breakthrough. This new and improved customer community is called RevCity. Click that link and take a peek. Life is looking good, up in those clouds!

RevCity is a vibrant and frictionless destination for customer self-service enablement, technical help, and peer networking. It’s a go-to resource for advice, or to share your own successes and tips. Here, you can learn to proceed with confidence throughout this year and far beyond.

Within the streets of RevCity, 6sense customers will find:

  • Discussions: Peer-to-peer interactions, best practices, and advice
  • Knowledge Base: Step-by-step product instructions
  • Academy: Recorded and live training
  • Partners: Offering best practice advice
  • Events: Events information located in one place
  • Support: Open and manage support tickets
  • And more

Here’s a delightful look at what we — 6sense, our partners, and all of our customers — intend RevCity to be:

Easily Connect with Your ‘Neighbors’

I’m a firm believer that we produce better work — and generally have more fun doing it — when we’re working in a team. Our presentations become crisper, our marketing campaigns become more creative, our output more precisely tuned and impactful, and our passion for great work more vivid, tangible, and achievable.

So knowing all of this, you can imagine how energizing it was to unveil RevCity yesterday. For me, RevCity isn’t just a customer portal. Nope, I immediately start seeing all of these little m’s pairing up. Like-minded customers finding each other. Brains storming and ideas bouncing. People finding just the thing they needed to help them get unstuck.

And that delightful moment when you realize you’re not alone after all — others are experiencing the same challenges you are.

Yes, RevCity has fun gamification and badges and clever avatars. And yes, there’s content for newbies and salty pros. But what I really see when I visit RevCity is people connecting and becoming better at their jobs.

And while I know that 6sense customers love their awesome customer success managers, I’m thrilled to give them the chance to connect directly with each other to get their questions answered.

Visit RevCity Today

I hope you’ll also visit and bring your questions and advice to the party. We have neighborhoods for marketers, sales professionals, operations peeps … and if you think we’re missing a neighborhood or a feature, let us know.

We have hundreds of ideas for more content and functionality — but it’s so important to me for our customers to guide those decisions, too.

A Place to Call Home

To all 6sense customers (and customers-to-be): This is your RevCity. Come help us shape it into the community you need. Come connect with your peers. And come find your own “m” to sit next to on a park bench.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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