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September 2022 6sense Product Update: Conversational Email, Contextual Targeting, and Campaign Forecasting

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Convo Email

A recent report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) revealed that B2B companies lose $2 trillion every year due to inefficient and wasteful sales and marketing processes.

To help organizations become a leaner and meaner version of themselves, 6sense has added new capabilities designed to boost your ROI by making it:

  • Easier to reach your buyers with personalized email messaging at scale
  • Target audiences in the places they’re most likely to engage with your messaging
  • Set campaign budgets with upfront insights into reach, daily spend, and whether your campaign parameters will predictably help you hit your goals

Conversational Email Transforms Your Email Campaigns from ‘Meh’ to Memorable

Standard bulk email campaigns aren’t very effective in today’s world where buyers expect hyper-personalized experiences and timely responses.

Even when buyers do engage with automated, bulk emails, it’s difficult to qualify or prioritize the numerous leads that come into your systems.

6sense Conversational Email is a new AI-powered tool that helps personalize outbound emails at scale and manage customer responses.

Conversational Email transforms the way all of your revenue-driving teams engage with your email campaigns:

  • Marketing can send personalized peer-to-peer nurture emails from multiple AI personas.
  • Operations can automate meeting conversion and scheduling with qualified accounts.
  • Sales can standardize BDR best practices and scale across segments much easier.

Conversational Email features include:

  • AI Conversation Flow Builder
  • AI Email Assistant
  • AI Qualification and Sales Handover
  • Dynamic Content
  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Workflow Automations

A look at the basic process Conversational AI uses to nurture leads and turn them into sales opportunities.It’s time for email marketing to make the leap into modern times and provide buyers with the personalized, conversational experience they expect from the brands they interact with.

Contextual Targeting Creates a Better Advertising Experience For Your Buyers and You

An ad has a much better chance of being effective if it is relevant to the content a user is currently viewing. A Spark Neuro study revealed that contextual relevant ads generate 43% more engagement and 2x better ad recall.

If your buyer is reading content relevant to your industry or products, they’re much more likely to be receptive to an ad that relates directly to what they’re reading. For instance, if someone in your target audience is reading an article about the best business travel credit cards for 2022, it’s probably a great time to display an ad about business banking or travel agency services.

Contextual Targeting from 6sense helps you place your ads in the places they’re most likely to succeed. Now when you create an advertising campaign within the 6sense platform you can select from a list of topics that align with your buyers’ interests, brand messaging, and overall campaign goals.

Contextual Targeting interface allows you to search for topics for your ads to appear alongside.
Contextual Targeting interface allows you to search for topics for your ads to appear alongside.

This new feature will give you the confidence to build advertising campaigns that are targeted at the right buyers in the places they’re most likely to engage.

Campaign Forecasting Optimizes Your Ad Spending

The essential question for any advertising campaign is: “How much do I have to spend to be effective?”

The essential question for any advertising campaign is: “How much do I have to spend to be effective?”

Spend too little on a campaign and you won’t reach enough eyeballs or drive enough engagement. But it’s also possible to overspend on an account — especially if you are paying to reach accounts that are unlikely to buy or people who are unlikely to be on buying teams.

The latest update to the 6sense platform removes the guesswork of calculating a campaign’s budget and reach. As you build out your ad campaign, you will have the following estimated information available:

  • Daily Audience
  • Daily Impressions
  • Daily Spend

Changing the configurations of your campaign will allow you to see the impact on your audience, impressions, and spend.

With this information available you can now build smarter campaigns that meet your reach and budget goals.

Campaign Forecasting makes it easier than ever to build a confident campaign and understand exactly what results to expect after launching.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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