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8 Sales Skills Every SDR Should Master

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As a new SDR, do you have the skills to succeed? You have an important role — SDRs are often the first human interaction a customer has during sales discovery, making you the face of your company. In this post, we’ll discuss the skills you need to win over prospects.

1. Prepare

Connect with prospects before getting to the sales call. Connect with them on social media, comment on their posts, and tag them in relevant articles. Read their socials to see what their interests are and what’s on their mind.

2. Actively Listen

Discover your prospect’s pain points. On a typical cold call, your prospects should do most of the talking — about 70% of the time to your 30%. Actively listen to determine their needs and the best way to pitch your product. 

3. Have a Script 

Before the call, think of questions to ask the prospect. Be flexible — you can go off-script on the call if the conversation changes, but a script gives you a place to start. You could ask:

  • What’s your process for [pain point] now?
  • What products/systems are you currently using?
  • How much do you know about 6sense’s solutions?

4. Leave Great Voicemails

Knowing how to leave good voicemails is an indispensable skill for an SDR. Be concise, but show your value. Try something like: “Hey [Name], I was just going through your website and saw ABC strategy. I would like to have a chat about some ideas on making that better.”

5. Use the Right Tools

Making cold calls is hard, but it can be easier. 6sense’s intent data tells you what a prospect has been looking for online and can predict their buyer behavior. Most importantly, 6sense’s intent data de-anonymizes prospects so you know who is interested in your product before you make a call.

6. Stay Upbeat

You might talk to a rude prospect, or a call might not go well, or you’re just having a bad day. Develop your ability to bounce back. 

For example, take short breaks (5 to 10 minutes) during the day to take a short walk, talk with a coworker or friend, find something funny on TikTok or YouTube, or other things that help you unwind. And remember, this is a job and not your whole life. 

7. Know the Product

As a member of the sales team, you need to know a lot. Most customers say that a person with good product knowledge is all they need. They want someone who can explain the product and answer their questions. This requires a thorough knowledge of your product or services and staying informed on product updates.

8. Cultivate a Phone Voice

The way your voice sounds can change, depending on your mood, energy level, and time of the day. When you’re on calls, keep your voice pleasant. It takes practice, but is a key sales skill. 

Smiling also helps. If you talk with a smile, it will get conveyed through the phone. Or try being a bit more animated. Even when nobody can see you, they can sense the urgency and excitement in your tone.

In Conclusion

Developing these skills will make you a better sales professional. They’re fairly simple in theory, but it takes time and practice to learn them. Improve on them over time, and see the change yourself.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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