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Podcast Tech Stack Guidance from Share Your Genius

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Overview: This tech stack has been curated based on the products doing what they do best. I’ve used several different host platforms and ‘all-in-one’ platforms yet have found that by creating simple workflows and using the tools listed below we are able to streamline production effectively. You can use all of these tools for less than $100/mo.

Libsyn: Purpose: Hosting platform. They are IAB certified (which is different than complaint) for podcast analytics. Meaning that the statistics are the most reliable. Their support staff is the best I’ve experienced both from a customer level standpoint and podcast expertise. Plan Recommendation: You can start with the basic level or purchase the full analytics suite. If you do the full analytics then you would not need any other tools like Chartable (see below). Cost: $15-$40/mo

Chartable: Purpose: An aggregate of analytics across platforms to see chart ranking and create smartlinks. For promotion, the smartlinks allow a user to select their preferred podcast directory for show consumption. Plan Recommendation: Hobbyist unless you have more than 5 shows going out per month. If you use the analytics from Libsyn, you don’t need analytics from Chartable. Cost: Free or $20/mo

Descript: Purpose: Transcription plus collaboration tool. For a brand show, I would recommend still using a sound engineer and not relying on this software to create high-quality production. The workflow is to transcribe audio then use the transcription to collaborate with your team on the episode/show level content. It also allows you to quick export sound clips for sharing on social or with guests. Plan Recommendation: You can use the basic version unless you’re needing more than 10 hours of audio/video transcribed per month. Cost: $120 annually

Headliner: Purpose: Turn audio transcriptions into short or long video graphics for posting on social and YouTube. It integrated with both Descript and Libsyn for efficiency. Plan Recommendation: Headliner Pro, this gives you unlimited access plus access to stock photos if needed. Cost: $13/mo

Zencastr: Purpose: record remotely using one simple link. It offers high-quality audio compression with recordings on separate files saved to both the Cloud and on local devices (which is important in case there are internet connectivity issues) Plan Recommendation: Hobbyist

Cost: Free

A tool I’m testing… Purpose: Block/silence background noise when recording remotely. This should remove static, noises, interceptions Plan Recommendation: unsure, currently testing free

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