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Meet the Next Gen of Women Board Members with Empowered CMO Network’s ‘Board Book’ 

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Only 14% of board seats are held by women, and 58% of women who hold board positions are the only female members of their boards. 

We know a diverse board of directors does a better job of advising the company it serves. We know having a breadth of perspectives fosters more innovation. And we know there’s a positive correlation between women’s presence on boards and greater financial returns. 

That’s why Empowered CMO Network and Athena Alliance have partnered to create the Empowered CMO Network Board Book, an indispensable ebook resource that introduces you to 60 female CMOs who are ready for the boardroom. These leaders will help challenge your company to move to the next level. 

Get the ‘Empowered CMO Network Board Book’ 

Empowered and Athena Alliance provided these candidates with hundreds of hours of education — on everything from funding, to building, to operating and governing a business — to help them hit the ground running as your newest board members. 

The Presence of Marketers on Boards 

In addition to a lack of demographic diversity, boards are also professionally homogenous, weighted toward finance professionals and CEOs. Out of the thousands of board members serving Fortune 1000 companies, only 26 are current marketing professionals. 

This is a missed opportunity. The same truths about the value of demographic diversity to boards hold here. A board with a broader membership, including directors with marketing expertise, offers more complete advice and perspective. 

That’s why, to help you build a corporate board with directors who bring both market perspective and demographic diversity, every prospective board member we’re highlighting is a working marketing professional.

Get the ‘Empowered CMO Network Board Book’ 

Meet Your New Board Member 

The right board to guide your company to future success is within your reach when you assemble the right team, and we’re here to get you started. 

Get to know these incredible women. Introduce yourself. Extend opportunities that would be a fit. Invite them to conference panels. Share their stories. 

Let’s start this important work of diversifying boards with rich, valuable perspectives today. 

Get the ‘Empowered CMO Network Board Book’

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