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Everything You Need to Know About Lead-to-Account Matching

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lead to account matching

Lead-to-account matching, or automated lead-to-account mapping, is the process of connecting leads to the correct accounts in your CRM.

It helps you communicate effectively with prospects.

Examples of Lead-to-Account Matching

Let’s say your team is working with Pipedrive, and Austin from Pipedrive reaches out to you. Austin is then assigned to the correct account in your CRM with automated lead-to-account matching. 

Without lead-to-account matching, the inbound and outbound teams could end up reaching out to two different people from a single company at the same time, without either of them knowing. Confusion, chaos, and miscommunication could arise. ‌With automated account matching, individual leads can all be routed to the sales rep assigned to that account. When Austin from Pipeline calls, they’ll be put in conversation with the same rep who is speaking with Sally from Pipedrive.

Manual lead-to-account matching is inefficient, inaccurate, and error-prone. Therefore, automated lead-to-account matching is the best option.

Here are a few situations where lead-to-account matching happens:

  • Three leads from the same organization, but differently labeled — say, “Salesforce”, “Salesforce Inc.”, and “” — all get assigned to the same account
  • Commas, dashes, quotes, and other special characters are ignored. For example, “Johnson and Johnson” and “Johnson & Johnson” are one and the same.

Benefits of Lead-to-Account Matching

There are three major benefits of lead-to-account matching:

  • First, it allows your sales reps to focus on prospecting and closing deals. 
  • Second, it helps sales reps maintain a clean CRM. 
  • Finally, it leads to an overall improved customer experience.

However, it’s important to remember that your lead-to-account matching is only as good as the lead information you have.

Inaccurate lead information can lead to incorrect data entering into your CRM, loss of leads, lack of productivity, and poor reflection on your brand image.

With 6sense, users have access to the most accurate and relevant lead information. Our lead-to-account matching is embedded seamlessly into our product. When a lead enters, it’s matched to an account right away.

Furthermore, you can get multiple leads from the same account. If one lead is unresponsive, you can reach out to another.

Lead-to-account matching is an invaluable tool for sales teams. 6sense makes sure you have the most accurate lead info to match leads to the right accounts.

Streamline your sales process and give your team the tools they need to succeed.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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