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How to Use AI to Streamline Business Growth

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AI helps B2B businesses identify and capitalize on opportunities faster and more efficiently — but it’s essential to understand how to use AI to streamline business growth and gain a competitive edge.

There are three key ways AI can help streamline business growth in a B2B setting:

  1. Finding more accounts that fit your customer profile
  2. Precision prospecting
  3. Identifying the fastest paths to revenue growth 

Let’s dive in a bit further on each of these use cases.

1. Find More Accounts That Fit Your Customer Profile

Two of the most important steps in B2B sales are:

  • Identifying your ideal customer profile (ICP), and
  • Determining which accounts fit that profile

Your ideal customer will vary depending on your business, but some key characteristics typically include:

  • Industry
  • Size
  • Location
  • Purchase cycle
  • Buyer persona

Historically, finding your ICP has been tedious, expensive, and time-consuming. Over 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the toughest part of their sales process. Closing and qualifying leads follow closely behind at 36% and 22%, respectively.

But you can automate this process with AI, giving salespeople more time for qualified leads. 

AI utilizes predictive analytics to match current or potential customers with similar companies that have already purchased from you, or are in the market. By identifying these accounts, you can then focus your sales efforts on prospects that are more likely to buy, increasing your chances of closing the deal. 

Artificial intelligence also helps identify patterns in intent data and buyer behavior that helps you better understand your customers. You can then tailor content and offers that resonate with them. 

Ultimately, knowing how to use AI to identify accounts and their unique attributes gives your B2B business a competitive edge. You can quickly focus your efforts on the most promising leads.

2. Precision Prospecting

Sales prospecting is a critical component of any B2B sales process. But it can also be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks. AI can transform your prospecting efforts by telling you which accounts are actively in-market, and where they are in their buyer journey. This enables revenue teams to focus on real opportunities. 

Buyer intent data is transformative for marketing teams, too. Marketing can help reach potential customers at scale, but spray-and-pray marketing isn’t much better than “prospecting via dartboard.” It just wastes money instead of time. 

By identifying accounts that are in-market, marketing can contribute high-quality accounts to pipeline and boost ROI.

Even better, AI can mine data about the topics your prospects care about most, help you craft marketing campaigns to those interests, and measure when the account’s engagement has deepened enough to warrant outreach from the sales team.

3. Identify the Fastest Paths to Revenue Growth

Now that you know which accounts are researching your products or services, and which clients are nearing the decision stage, the next step is prioritizing your sales team’s efforts even more. 

After all, a large account that needs your highest level of service will generate more revenue than a small account that just needs one or two of the things you offer.

Smart AI can:

  • Track data about company growth and recent P/E investments, helping you identify companies that are likely to have money available to invest
  • Identify the person who is likely to champion your solution within the organization and other key decision-makers on the buying team. By having a fuller picture of the decision-makers, you can strengthen your outreach strategies and close more deals.

Streamline Your Business Growth With 6sense’s AI Platform

6sense is a revolutionary AI-powered account engagement platform that helps you:

  • Identify in-market accounts
  • Get the visibility you need to target the right accounts at the right time, and with the right actions
  • Understand what products and services your customers are interested in based on intent data and rich insights

Book a demo with us today to learn more about how 6sense can help streamline your business growth.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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