No Forms. No Spam.
No Cold Calls.

The next generation of
account-based sales and marketing

The 6sense Account Engagement Platform

Ditch the traditional strategies, tactics, and technologies that are no longer working, and deliver breakthrough results

Customers today take their own unique journey when making purchase decisions, most of which is hidden from you in the Dark Funnel.™ These hidden activities and behaviors — called intent data — reveal who is looking for your solution and what they care about, and can even help you determine exactly the right time to reach out.

Our proprietary Intent Network monitors over 3M+ B2B websites and picks up these intent buying signals from both known and unknown accounts conducting research on your solution, and then our patented Company Graph matches those signals to accounts — more accurately than any other platform.

Then, our industry-leading AI puts it all together, driving the right action at the right time across every channel, including display advertising, website, email, direct mail, content experience, and chatbot, and even recommends next-best-actions for sales outreach, all from a single platform your sales and marketing teams will love.

This means with 6sense, you’ll see real ROI in days and weeks, not months and years.


The 6sense Account Engagement Platform allows you to:

Align Sales and Marketing
with Rich, Accurate Data

Rapid adoption of intent-based sales & marketing requires tight alignment between sales and marketing. Give your entire revenue team a single platform to align on your ICP, TAM, and jointly work accounts currently “in-market” for your solution.

Light the Dark Funnel™ &
Proactively Target Your ICP

Buyers looking for you conduct anonymous research every day, but if you don’t know about it you can’t take action. Instantly light up your Dark Funnel™ and get the visibility you need to proactively target the right accounts based on intent data and buyer behavior.

Use Deep Insights to Prioritize
Accounts and Contacts

Sales and marketing teams need to engage with accounts that are “in market” for your solution right now and not waste time chasing tire kickers. Give them the tools they need to instantly target the right accounts and contacts, and engage them based on their unique interests and buying journey.

Deliver Consistent, Engaging
Experiences at Scale

Now more than ever it’s critical to deliver engaging experiences that meet prospects and customers where they are across the digital landscape. Leverage AI to reach the right buyers with the right message at the right time — and orchestrate account engagement at scale.

The Account Engagement Platform for Leading Revenue Teams

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