Deliver Predictable
Revenue Growth

with the 6sense Account Engagement Platform

"By 2025, B2B demand generation efforts will focus predominantly on accounts, not leads."

Predictable Revenue Growth — Every Quarter

Today, customers take their own unique journey when making purchase decisions, and they’re less likely than ever to engage until late in the buying process. Plus, success requires you to engage with an entire buying team, not just a few stakeholders.

Unfortunately, sales and marketing technology hasn’t kept pace with these changes, and the traditional lead-based approach is no longer effective, resulting in getting into deals too late, or missing opportunities all together.

Best-in-class organizations have adopted an orchestrated account engagement strategy to predictably generate the pipeline they need to meet revenue goals. Big data and AI ensure sales and marketing teams target the best accounts, orchestrate engagement throughout the customer journey, and strategically align their activities around the full funnel of buyers.

The 6sense Account Engagement Platform allows you to:

Align Sales and Marketing
with Rich, Accurate Data

Give your sales and marketing teams a unified view of accounts — both known and anonymous — along with what they’re doing and what they care about, making it easy to align on your ICP, TAM, and which accounts are currently “in market” for your solutions.

Light the Dark Funnel &
Proactively Target Your ICP

Light up your dark funnel and get the visibility your teams need to proactively target the right account accounts based on real-time data and behavior. No more working bad leads or static account lists — and no more missing out on opportunities.

Use Deep Insights to Prioritize
Accounts and Contacts

Know when to engage the right accounts, who within the account to engage, and how to break through the noise and deliver engaging experiences to the entire buying team based on their unique interests and where they are on the buyer’s journey.

Deliver Consistent, Engaging
Experiences at Scale

Orchestrate personalized, engaging prospect experiences at scale by hyper-targeting the right buyers with the right message at the right time. AI automatically orchestrates campaigns to dynamic audiences 24x7x365.

The Account Engagement Platform for Leading Revenue Teams

Announcing 6sense + Drift

6sense to Power Company Insights for Drift Intel to Personalize Conversations

6sense has partnered with Drift to provide account identification capabilities to customers using the company’s Drift Intel feature. The integration between 6sense’s Company Graph and Drift provides curated company-level data of website visitors to Drift Intel customers.