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Experience the Delightful Visuals (and Some Tunes!) from Our Breakthrough Conference

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It’s hard to effectively express just how amazing attending 6sense’s customer conference Breakthrough can be. The dozens of value-packed customer sessions … the announcements of new groundbreaking 6sense capabilities … the networking and legendary parties … it goes on.

But many elements of the Breakthrough experience must be seen to be believed. We’re talking about brilliantly crafted on-site banners, imagery, videos, digital experiences, and more — all made with love by 6sense’s design and video teams.

Breakthrough simply wouldn’t be “Breakthrough” without them.

To give you a sense of what the Breakthrough experience is like, we’ve compiled some of the coolest on-site design and video creations for your enjoyment. If you couldn’t attend Breakthrough, this’ll make you feel like you were right there.

Let’s take a closer look!

Day 1 — Tuesday, Oct. 4

Making a New Friend

To make the morning memorable for our customers and other attendees, we introduced them to our friendly mascot Revvy in some fun ways. For instance, we kicked off the day’s mainstage presentations with this delightful music video. Revvy gets some screen time!

Throughout the morning, we teased something called RevCity with the tourism-themed banners and posters seen below. Revvy appeared in a few. Curious attendees spotted nearby QR code placards and took action, which conjured delightful moments throughout the week.

Posters at the Breakthrough Conference advertise RevCity.
Posters at the Breakthrough Conference advertise RevCity.

Revvy Comes to Life!

You can experience exactly what Breakthrough attendees saw when they activated their smartphone cameras and pointed them at those nearby QR codes.

Aim your own QR-compatible camera at the codes below, follow the instructions on your phone, and have some fun!

QR codes underneath each image cause the posters to come to life using a smartphone camera.

Welcome to RevCity

Later in the day, customers learned all about RevCity, 6sense’s new and improved customer community. It’s a vibrant destination for self-service enablement, technical help, and peer networking.

To set the tone, we presented this vision of RevCity:

Revvy even made a cameo during the RevCity announcement session, while 6sense CMO Latané Conant was presenting!

Highlight Reel: Tuesday

Throughout the day, our video crew was on the scene recording sessions and snagging interviews with customers. Here’s our “live report” from Day 1:

Intermission: The ‘Confidence Playlist’

We’ll share more terrific videos and images from Breakthrough in a moment, but let’s take a break to showcase another fun aspect of the event.

In the weeks leading up to Breakthrough, 6sense employees regularly asked each other, “What music makes you proceed with confidence?” We assembled the answers and created an up-tempo playlist that kept us focused on building the best Breakthrough possible.

When it came time to select music to play at Breakthrough itself, we realized we’d already done the heavy lifting! Here’s a peek at our Confidence Playlist, which played for attendees throughout the event:

Day 2 — Wednesday, Oct. 5

Our Customers, Proceeding with Confidence

Okay, back to vids and pics! Throughout the venue, attendees encountered posters and banners featuring candid photos of 6sense customers, all of whom shared testimonials about how 6sense empowers them to proceed with confidence in their jobs every day.

Ari Capogeannis, NVIDIA

Ari Capogeannis, NVIDIA

Lori Chavez & Ellie Ebrahimi, Sumo Logic

For this photo and testimonial project, we wanted to feature real customers situated in their “confident place” — locations that really brought forth their emotions and happiness, and in far better ways than a predictable office setting ever could.

‘Conversational Email’ Announcement

Wednesday saw the debut of 6sense’s new — and game-changing — Conversational Email capability.

(Here’s the TL;DR on Conversational Email: We’ve reimagined the B2B email experience, creating one where marketers can craft personalized intent-based emails, intelligently converse with contacts who respond, and loop in sales at the right moment — all at scale. Get the skinny here.)

We filmed several customers on-site and put together this video promoting the capability:

Highlight Reel: Wednesday

Here’s another video recap from “News Team 6,” sharing some of the best moments from Day 2 of the conference:

Day 3 — Thursday, Oct. 6

Highlight Reel: Thursday

Our video team delivered the goods on the final day of the conference, too. Here’s a look at what happened on Day 3:

For More Information…

There’s lots more to learn about Breakthrough 2022. You can dive deeper into these resources:

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