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Back to the Future: Recapping 6sense’s ‘Future is Now’ Event and the Debut of Revenue AI

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“I have a confession to make. My confession is: I LOVE AI.”

Just like that, Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense, kicked off the Future is Now event hosted at the spectacular Belmont in Austin, Texas. 

For many years now we’ve heard that AI and machine learning will be the future of, well, everything. AI will transform the way we do business, understand our customers, and optimize our resources, we’ve been told. 

These statements have typically been vague — without any particulars on when this will happen or how this will happen. 

But the future is here. 6sense is about to transform your entire revenue team. 

Here’s an overview of the big news from the event:

Revvy Lights Up the Dark Funnel More Than Ever

It’s time for AI to become a trusted member of your revenue team. Actually, not just a trusted member, but the member that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all of your marketing, sales, and operations activities.

Deepak Anchala, the founder of Slintel and now VP of Product and Growth at 6sense, joined Latané on stage to talk about how Revvy, our character that embodies 6sense’s AI capabilities, is unlocking new powers.

Deepak laid out how Revvy is now ingesting technographic, psychographic, and market updates to give you an even more complete picture of your buyers and what they care about.

We now can understand when companies buy a new technology, what they are saying about their pain points, and even the events that they’re attending. For instance, you can grab a list of your prospects attending Dreamforce so you can prepare well ahead of the actual event,” Deepak explained.

Here are just some of the capabilities Revvy has: 

  • Alert you to your prospects’ upcoming technology renewals 
  • Uncover hidden demand for your product (light up your Dark Funnel™)
  • Interpret intent buying signals
  • Show you who is on the buying team and what they care about
  • Predict exactly the right time to reach out, and what to say

Using AI like this will radically transform the way your teams go to market, and make it much easier to understand your prospects’ needs, and help you reach out at the exact right time.

Introducing Piper, Your Sales Pipeline Forecaster and Fixer

Everyone dreads when the pipeline starts to slip from the target. It sends whole teams scrambling to examine what went wrong and re-evaluate strategies. AI can be used to gain a crystal-clear picture of your pipeline, unlock pinpoint accuracy with your forecasting, and spot early trends so your team can take proactive steps to stay on target.

We call this AI assistant Piper, and she loves examining pipelines to find every critical detail. Piper plus Revvy is a winning combination!

Rahul Sachdev, Co-Founder of Fortella and now Senior VP of Product at 6sense, joined Latané on stage to break down Piper’s capabilities. 

Rahul laid out the questions every marketer cares about. “How much pipeline do I need to generate? How much pipeline am I likely to generate? What do I do if there’s a gap?”

Piper solves all of those problems in one place, Rahul explained.

“She’s your number cruncher, looking at trends, seasonality, and shifts in the market. She comes up with an accurate plan to tackle everything related to your pipeline,” he said. “These suggestions are based on real-data from past deals and historical data.”

Here’s what Piper can do for you:

  • Align leadership on how much pipeline is needed, and by when
  • Tell you what needs to change to meet pipeline goals in the future
  • Watch important trends like conversion rates, cycle times, and ASP
  • Deliver executive-level forecasts, keeping an eye on metrics that matter
  • Recommend where to focus, and actions to take to avoid shortfalls

The best part about Piper and her technology? The longer you use her, the smarter she gets and the more accurate her projections become. 

Your Email is About to Explode With ‘Convo’ — And You’ll Like It

Gabriel Lim, Co-Founder of Saleswhale and now Director of Product Management for 6sense, took the stage with an eye-opening question. “Who here thinks this year is the fastest-paced year ever?” After nearly every hand went in the air he dropped the hammer: “Guess what, this is actually going to be the slowest year you’ll ever experience again. Things will only get faster in the future.”

The topic for his portion of the event was how Convo, our conversational email AI, will transform the way you communicate and interact with your audience. “B2B email hasn’t kept up with the advancement of technology,” he said.

It’s time for Convo to help you win more deals.

Gabe explained the value of fast engagement and conversational email with a real-world example. He explained how a customer once lost a $1 million dollar deal because they waited a month and a half to reach out to a prospect who had shown intent signals. In the time between the signal and the outreach, a competitor had already won the business. If the team had the right tools in place, the AI could have initiated outreach and  drawn them into a deal conversation.

“What if we could know if an account is in-market, the pain points they’re researching, and reach out to them instantly with relevant messaging,” Gabe asked. With all of that information at your fingertips, 6sense’s conversational email AI is going to transform the way you email your audiences.

How 6sense Uses 6sense to Expand Opportunities

Following the showcases of the enhanced platform capabilities, Saima Rashid, SVP of Revenue Analytics, took the stage to provide a peek behind the 6sense curtain and how her team is using the platform to find new ways to grow our business.

Saima brought out a handful of team members to walk through three real examples of how they’re using 6sense.

TAM expansion

Will Lyon, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing and Industry Solutions, shared how 6sense was able to successfully expand into the manufacturing industry. 

The team found 6sense’s ideal customer profile (ICP) within the industry, studied the keywords and topics the audience was researching, filled data gaps through account enrichment (adding over 5,000 contacts), and created personalized experiences to attract those manufacturing buyers. The team has already closed more deals with this audience than ever before.

Engaging Warm Accounts

Chris Dutton, Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, was up next to lead the audience through how his team identifies accounts that are showing real intent to buy, and keeps them from slipping through the cracks.

Chris and his team create dynamic segments and orchestrate the data to automatically identify accounts showing real intent. From their efforts the team generated $3 million in qualified pipeline.

Delighting your Customers

Finally, Jennie Lijewski, Director of Customer Marketing, presented the way her team uses 6sense to keep our customers happy and delighted.

“We wanted to make sure all of our customers felt great and confident about their choice to work with 6sense,” she said.

Jennie and her team created omni-channel campaigns that used real customer reviews and quotes. They then ran those campaigns with customers who were searching for competitor keywords or had renewals coming up soon. 

By simply focusing on customers the team influenced $2 million in pipeline and helped close 42 renewals.

Revealing Something New

6sense CEO Jason Zintak asked the crowd if they’d ever heard of an acronym called ABM. After the crowd chuckled at the rhetorical question, he shared the big reveal of 6sense Revenue AI – something bigger and bolder than ABM.

Finally he let loose what the event had been building to. “We’re rebranding the platform to be 6sense Revenue AI.”

This new name reflects the company’s continued investment in the technology that has made it a category leader, as well as the grand ambitions we have to help unlock the next era in revenue creation. 

With 6sense Revenue AI, B2B revenue teams are able to better capture anonymous buying signals, target the right accounts at precisely the right time, and boost revenue performance with recommendations for the channels and messages most likely to convert.

To close out an action-packed evening, Jason turned to the crowd and laid out his vision for the future of 6sense.

“We’re all after the same goal, it’s all about revenue. It’s our objective: go get revenue, convert revenue, and nurture revenue to make our customers more successful.”

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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