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Meet 6sense’s 1,000th Employee: ‘There’s an Unbelievable Culture Here’

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Last month, 6sense achieved a remarkable milestone — we hired our 1,000th employee! The lucky teammate is David Andrews, a bright and driven Account Executive based in Canada.

We recently interviewed David to learn what it was like being Employee 1,000. And to keep things interesting, we invited his longtime friend Cole Mooney to join the chat. (Cole, a fellow 6sense employee, referred David to the AE position.)

This convo goes pretty much everywhere, including:

  • David’s journey to 6sense
  • His first impressions of the sales team
  • His eagerness to collaborate on deals
  • And – of course – three-pound hamburgers and corn dogs at Spencer’s house

Let’s dig in!

6sense: Congratulations on being our 1,000th employee, David! What will you be doing at 6sense?

David: Thanks! I’m a Senior Commercial Account Executive, which means I’ll help keep up the unbelievable momentum going on the Commercial team. They had crazy success last year in terms of achieving a sales number and surpassing it.

If I can be a small part of that, it would be a huge accomplishment for me. That’s my big project for the year — getting some ARR.

What are your first impressions of 6sense? Has anything surprised you?

David: First, there’s an unbelievable culture here. People are happy and passionate. They want to learn and grow here as a team. It’s really obvious during all-hands meetings, team meetings, and one-on-ones. That’s not something you get at every company. It speaks volumes.

Next, I’d say the professional and personal growth. There have been two promotions already on my team in the week that I’ve been here! I know not every week is going to be like that! [laughs]

It just goes to show that this is the type of place that if you truly put your head down and work, and you’re humble, you can grow quickly.

Lastly, I would add that the competency and transparency of the sales leadership team is phenomenal.

Let’s bring in Cole Mooney. Cole, you referred David to the position. How did that go down?

Cole: We’ve known each other for years. I’m based in Vancouver and Dave is in Toronto. Last summer, he came out to enjoy the beautiful Vancouver beaches and we were hanging out, talking about work.

The more I talked about 6sense and how I was loving it, the more interested he became. I gave him a quick demo of the platform and what it would be like for him as an AE to use 6sense. Of course, I put on my best demo shoes and he was blown away.

From there, he couldn’t stop thinking about 6sense. We talked about it a couple of times and then finally I sent him over that referral link.

David: Exactly. I remember when you showed me the demo and some of the capabilities.  Had I had them in my previous role, I would have been blown away. I took a few more months and then got the recruiter conversation going.

Where did you guys first meet?

David: We became friends in Grade 9. We were in this close-knit group of best friends. We’d either meet at Jessie’s house or Spencer’s house. It would’ve either been a UFC night or Spencer’s mom cooking us Pogos and pizza.


Cole: Oh yeah, a huge box of Pogos.

David: She’d open the Pogos and put cheese in them. They were delicious.

What’s a Pogo?

David: You guys don’t have Pogos in the States?

Cole: It’s a corn dog!

Oh, it’s like a Canadian corn dog? Is it a brand, or is it just what you call it?

David: I guess it’s like “Kleenex” up here. It’s like the brand we call everything? When you think of Pogos, there’s no other brand that could top it.

Cole: We’ve eaten well over 1,000, I’m confident.

All from Spencer’s mom, or at various places?

David: They’re great. Don’t knock it until you try it. If you ever visit Canada, we’ll have to take you out to a gourmet pogo restaurant. [laughs]

Since you’ve both known each other for so long, what’s a fun memory you can share?

Cole: We were talking about this quite a bit. A few stories came up that we didn’t think were great for a blog.

David: It eliminated 90% of our stories.

Cole: There was the time we were at this local restaurant where we grew up in Ottawa. They had a burger challenge. I think you had to eat — I forget — was it three or four pounds of burger?

David: Yeah, it was three pounds. They were just massive burgers.

Three pounds pre-cooked or post-cooked?

Cole: Post-cooked. The reward is feeling sick and getting the burger for free instead of paying for it. Well, that and the glory.

David: That’s it. Bragging rights, a photo on the wall, and I think you got a coupon for your next visit.

Cole: Yeah, a pretty good deal. Anyway, Dave did this challenge. He would’ve got it done, but they deliberately dry out the burger and give you ice water and a bunch of other things to try and slow you down.

I think he made it 90% of the way through.

David, how did you do it? 

David: I tried to be strategic. It was made up of three 1-pound burgers. I don’t know why I thought this would make it more palatable, but I cut them into quarters so it was just like eating one quarter-pounder at a time. Quarter-pounder. Quarter-pounder. Quarter-pounder.

I got through the first two, and then half of the third one, so I think I ate two-and-a-half pounds of burger. I just knew I couldn’t do it all.

Cole: After that, we went back to our friend’s house and he passed out in the basement.

David: It would’ve been a worse night if I’d taken more bites.

We say that 6sense helps revenue teams know everything so they can do anything. David, what’s something you hope to eventually know and do here?

David: You can know a company at a surface-level when you’re working remotely, but to truly grasp the culture and the problems that we solve for clients is when you actually go through the experience of selling to a client and seeing their success. That’s something I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve listened to a bunch of calls now and it’s obvious that this is an unbelievably powerful solution that appeals to a lot of people. I’ve never seen such passion for a product.

Honestly, I just want to contribute to the rocket ship we’re on right now. I want to start blowing away quota numbers. I want to start selling big deals. I want to start moving in the right direction and try to advance the company in the same way it’s going. I just want to experience the growth as a part of the team.

What advice do you have for 6sense’s eventual 2,000th employee?

Don’t wait to be the 2,000th employee. Get on it now. This is a rocket ship and it’s a lot of fun. You’re going to have a lot of growth here.

6sense is always looking for creative, collaborative, fun-loving people who dig their teeth into a challenge. Whether you want to build it, market it, sell it, or support it, we’d love to have you on our team. Check out our current job openings. 


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