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How the Pros Design Successful Sales Spiffs (With 5 Proven Tips)


Sales incentive programs — or “spiffs” — can be the key to unlocking stronger performance for BDR teams. A little healthy competition paired with rewards and recognition can help drive positive behaviors and outcomes.

In this PG Tuesdays episode, Mac Conn and Van Miner, the self-proclaimed “King of Spiffs,” dive into the art and science of crafting effective spiffs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Start by identifying gaps and desired outcomes. “You want to do a little bit of reverse engineering. Understand – what do we need to do more of? What do we need less of? What do we need to lean into?”
  2. Consider factors like timeline, teams involved, and collaboration dynamics.
  3. Spiff fatigue is real – mix it up to maintain engagement.
  4. Experiential rewards can be more motivating than monetary prizes. “Our most successful [spiffs] have been experiential – going on a trip with leadership, having a destination day off and reward.”
  5. Recognition is a powerful motivator, especially for career growth. “For BDRs looking to get into the AE role, recognition can be as important, if not more so, than winning a trip.”

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