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6sense for AEs: Sales Intelligence Team & Growth

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Sales Intelligence Team & Growth

Closing deals just got a whole lot easier. You’ve mastered the art of selling and relationship building. Now it’s time to master the science and technology needed to scale your efforts.

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Deal Acceleration – Team (3 min)


Deal Acceleration – Growth (4 min)


Deal Acceleration – Team (3 min)


Deal Acceleration – Growth (4 min)

Easily tap into 6sense where you work best: in the Sales App, Chrome Extension, CRM or SEP

Get Started – 3 Things to Do:

1. Explore your accounts! See the kinds of intelligence and recommendations available to you with 6sense.

2. Look for threats and opportunities in your accounts: increasing/decreasing activity, new topics appearing on their webpages or competitor/solution keyword activity, or unlocking contact information for key people that you haven’t talked to.

3. Remember, a Hot Account does not mean an account is ready to sign a contract. It means the account showing high levels of engagement. You’ll still want to do your account planning and regular sales motion, except that you now have intel to get you in earlier and help you stay relevant.

Live Trainings

Learn the tips and tricks to leverage 6sense Sales Intelligence Team & Growth to uncover, accelerate, and close more deals.

What to Expect:

  • 30-minute live training on Zoom with Q&A
  • Explore your accounts in your own environment with a live instructor standing by

Quick Tip: Log in and explore your accounts based on what you learned from the training!

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