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Mutiny and 6sense: A Powerful Combo for Leveling Up Account-Based Web Experiences

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With bounce rates as high as 99% at the top of the funnel, revenue teams need every tool possible to engage more directly and persuasively with buyers.

Communicating with buyer personas is, of course, a well-known best practice. But historically, targeting the right buyer persona at the right time with personalized website content is where things get tricky. It takes more time, money and people than most companies expect.

Or at least it did. Now companies can combine the powers of Mutiny (a web personalization platform) and 6sense (an account engagement platform) to engage accounts with bespoke web content without time-sucking processes and costly IT involvement.

In a recent webinar, representatives from both companies discussed how their technologies improved their own account-based web experiences — and how they might level up your sales funnel and conversions, too. Let’s take a closer look.

About 6sense and Mutiny

6sense provides customers with unparalleled visibility into the type of research that buyers conduct anonymously about their products, such as researching related keywords, reading third-party review sites and blogs, and engaging with coworkers.

Mutiny is a platform that takes in first- and third-party data and enables you to personalize your website based on who is visiting. This more accurately targets your buyer personas and increases conversions by providing visitors with precisely the right content and messaging at precisely the right moment in their buying journey.

Speaking to the Right People at the Right Time

Traditionally, creating and successfully publishing personalized website content required the work of multiple skilled professionals. As Jess Bergson, Customer Growth Lead at Mutiny, pointed out, you’d need:

  • Engineers to connect the data
  • Data scientists to help you prioritize your audience based on what the data says
  • UX designers to create unique experiences
  • Analysts to measure the results

This sounds challenging, but it’s even harder than that. Creating personalized website experiences with old-school approaches requires technically complex, manual processes that demand constant upkeep. And these teammates and processes must be used every single time your organization creates a new campaign or messaging.

In fact, the continuous effort and cost is so great, most companies never attempt it.

6sense and Mutiny work together to solve these problems. With 6sense de-anonymizing and identifying your audience and Mutiny prioritizing those audiences to build out account-based web experiences through simple point-and-click interfaces, the need for IT involvement is eliminated. Now these personalized experiences are within reach for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Personalized Content

Jess then passed the mic to Grace Kleaveland Kupczak, 6sense’s Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing Manager. Grace described how 6sense’s own marketing efforts improved after integrating Mutiny’s capabilities into 6sense’s website. Our company has seen:

  • A 58% increase in opportunities, and
  • A 63% reduction in cycle time for those opportunities

Grace then provided two examples of how 6sense improved its website for specific customer segments using the Mutiny tools.

Example #1: The Commercial Segment

The first test of the platform was applying it to 6sense’s Commercial segment. This segment consists largely of companies with up to 300 employees.

By simply changing page headers displayed for commercial accounts, 6sense realized a 50% increase in conversion within that segment versus conversion rates with a control header. The custom header used messaging that acknowledged the need for smaller businesses to quickly generate ROI. The page then funneled users to 6sense’s Revenue Generation Estimator.

By adding a Mutiny-powered side-pop, conversions further increased. According to Grace, visitors who saw the side-pop were 25% to 30% more likely to convert than those who didn’t.

Side-pops had a similar effect for 6sense’s Enterprise segment. There, they were used to convert accounts to qualified leads that could be passed on to the outbound sales teams.

Example #2: The Manufacturing Segment

Manufacturing became the highest performing vertical for 6sense, with a whopping 313% increase in conversions using Mutiny tools. This transformation also started with a simple change to page headers.

Later, custom imagery was used, a “learn more” page directly targeted at the manufacturing segment was added, and the creative team changed the header used in ads to drive traffic to the landing page.

The takeaway: Market segments are hungry for tailored content.

Mutiny Tools Used for Better Account-Based Web Experiences

Grace and the 6sense team achieved these results using just a few of Mutiny’s tools. Using surveys, banners, and modals like the side-pop, users can create content personalized to a given buyer persona to:

  • Grab attention
  • Keep users engaged
  • Then guide them through the funnel

Much of the success Grace described required a simple webpage customization that spoke directly to a specific audience. Even a simple header change can illustrate that your company cares about the industry it’s targeting.

From there, you can direct visitors to landing pages that even more specifically address those needs.

To Be Continued…

There’s still a lot more to discuss about account-based web experiences. We’ll soon publish more content that reveals what Grace had to say about predictive analytics, intent data, and customer experience.

Can’t wait until then? We’ve got you covered. Check out the full webinar here.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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