How B2B AI Can Help New BDRs Sell More, Faster

4 minutes
Apr 18, 2022
Sales Effectiveness

AI-driven sales and marketing automation tools dramatically improve how revenue teams go to market — and few team members reap more positive benefits from AI than Business Development Representatives (BDRs)....

AI-driven sales and marketing automation tools dramatically improve how revenue teams go to market — and few team members reap more positive benefits from AI than Business Development Representatives (BDRs).

Thanks to AI’s ability to identify customer behaviors that reveal specific buyer concerns and signal a buyer’s readiness to purchase, BDRs gain an edge that empowers them to smartly engage prospects and sell more, faster. 

This is especially true for new BDRs. When it comes to properly prospecting and nurturing deals, they need all the help they can get.

If you’re on the fence about integrating AI-powered tools into your own organization’s revtech stack, read on. We’ll examine three effective and practical ways B2B AI helps new BDRs fill their pipeline with strong accounts.

1. You Can Focus on the Best Accounts

BDRs need to focus their time and energy on accounts with the greatest sales potential to maximize their chances of success. In B2B selling, this is often determined by:

  • The size of the deal
  • Customer industry
  • The customer’s buying stage when the BDR interacts with them

However, identifying these factors can be difficult, especially when dealing with large and complex accounts.

Thankfully, AI can effortlessly do this grunt work so BDRs can stay focused on prospect engagement. By analyzing a customer’s past behavior and current needs, B2B AI helps BDRs understand which accounts are in-market (aka ready to buy) and which buying stage they’re in. 

Armed with these recommendations, BDRs focus their efforts on accounts that are receptive to solutions.

2. Have Better Conversations

To stand out from the competition and increase the chances of contributing to a close/won deal, BDRs should send personalized messages that resonate with their prospects.

Today, personalization has become an integral part of the customer experience. 80% of customers say they are more likely to purchase from a company that offers a personalized experience.

Historically, personalization has been hard to achieve at scale. But AI can create  audience segments that can trigger automated marketing messages based on characteristics such as:

  • Company size
  • Location
  • Growth
  • Buying team personas
  • Keyword research the account has performed
  • Competitor research the account has performed
  • Existing tech stack
  • Stage in the buyer’s journey

As accounts move closer to the Consideration stage of the  journey,  BDRs can begin outreach, empowered with details about the account’s behavior and the content consumption habits of specific contacts within the company.

This enables them to introduce themselves with highly relevant messages, honed to answer specific questions and concerns. They can explicitly call out the opportunities that are most important to the individuals they’re calling and emailing, too.

3. Implement Timely Coaching

Navigating the world of B2B sales can be difficult, especially for new BDRs. They need world-class training if they want to improve their odds for success. This includes understanding:

  • How to successfully target potential customers
  • What to say when they reach out, and
  • How to close a deal

So, how does AI help with timely coaching?

With insight from AI, sales managers can focus their coaching efforts on identifying the accounts that are most likely to produce the most revenue. This allows them to help new BDRs get off to a strong start, and also build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in sales. 

By training BDRs to find the accounts that matter most — and then the tactics to successfully engage them — sales managers can help their team close more deals and increase company revenue.

Leverage 6sense to Sell More, Faster

Engaging customers and hitting your targets as a new BDR is hard work. But using AI to your advantage makes the process easier. With the help of AI, you can streamline your sales process and make more sales, faster. 

6sense is an AI-driven revenue generation platform that helps companies identify and target their most qualified accounts and prospects. It does this by providing actionable insights and predictions about buyers, their companies, and the markets they operate in. 

With its predictive analytics, 6sense can help you identify buying signals and prioritize opportunities. Ready to make more sales, faster? Contact us today to book a demo and learn more about 6sense.