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Our New Ebook: The CFO’s Guide to B2B Revenue Forecasting and Efficient Growth

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A smiling CFO holds her glasses, confident in the revenue forecast for her company

In a shaky economy, Chief Financial Officers have tough decisions to make about where to cut and where to continue to invest. Accurate revenue forecasting is always critical, but the margin for error (and appetite for risk) shrinks when the marketplace gets nervous.

Our new ebook The CFO’s Guide to Forecasting and Efficient Growth explains how CFOs can use AI-powered sales and marketing intelligence platforms to: 

  • Confidently generate faster, more accurate revenue forecasts
  • Reduce go-to-market waste and boost ROI, and
  • Trim budgets without sacrificing growth     

The book also explains how AI can: 

  • Empower your company’s sales and marketing teams to focus on the best opportunities
  • Generate meaningful KPIs that predictably tie to revenue goals, and 
  • Improve win rates and average contract values

Faster, Better, and Up-to-the-Moment Revenue Forecasts

The ebook dives into the reasons it can be hard to get good (accurate) pipeline projections from your revenue teams despite their best efforts.

Because of inadequate data, teams rely on a lot of hunches and guesswork to estimate which deals will close, when, and for how much. Forecasting top-of-funnel demand trends is even trickier.

The Right Data Makes All the Difference

The data CFOs need exists — it’s just hidden. B2B buyers give off numerous buying signals as they do online research, and as they move closer to a purchase decision. Almost all of this research is anonymous. But AI can deanonymize this research and reveal which potential customers are ready to buy … which brings clarity to the pipeline, a boon for CFOs.. 

Your revenue team’s past deals are another trove of untapped data. The behavior patterns that led to signed contracts are being exhibited by potential customers right now. Some of these potential customers are in your sales pipeline. Some are completely invisible to your sales team. 

AI can pair real-time demand intelligence with predictive analytics to spot the best sales opportunities. This allows your teams to aim ad dollars and labor hours squarely at the best path to revenue.  

Free Ebook — No Email Required

Your buyers are out there. You just need a way to sift through loads of account data to find them. Check out our latest ebook The CFO’s Guide to B2B Revenue Forecasting and Efficient Growth to see how 6sense provides intelligence to help eliminate waste, improve financial revenue projections, and boost ROI.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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