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6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales Empowers Manufacturers to Uncover Hidden Buyers in Emerging Markets

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Sales rep reached a newly discovered prospect for a conversation

Manufacturers are increasingly focusing their attention on emerging markets, and the reasons are clear. These markets offer compelling opportunities such as:

  • New audiences for existing products
  • Potential to develop new products for new audiences
  • More market share to capture
  • Access to different supply chains and resources

But identifying promising accounts and associated buying groups can be tricky in emerging markets

Why? Companies in new markets can seemingly spring up overnight due to government grants, or an influx of investor capital, or any number of additional reasons. Without the right tools, your revenue team could miss out on winning their business.

6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ arms your teams with the tools they need to find hidden buyers in emerging markets and start engaging with them before your competition does. Let’s take a closer look.

A Shortcut for Spotting Opportunities and Finding Buyers

Revenue AI for Sales pinpoints opportunities in emerging markets by: 

  • Surfacing accounts that are a likely fit for your services and 
  • Capturing buyer-intent signals when those companies are actively researching manufacturing solutions like yours

A powerful filtering tool within Revenue AI for Sales makes it easy for your sellers to create alerts for companies that fit your exact targets. Instead of trying to find accounts in emerging markets by reading the news or industry publications, your sellers can stay up-to-date with a list that automatically alerts them to new target accounts

Screenshot of 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales. Filters make it easy for users to target specific Ideal Customer Profiles and identify opportunities within new markets. Filters include details about company financials, technographics, psychographics, industry, and region.
Filters make it easy for 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales users to target specific Ideal Customer Profiles and identify opportunities within new markets.

In addition to offering the ability to search for target accounts, Revenue AI for Sales can alert your sellers when companies show signs of being in-market for products like yours.

For instance: If a new industrial plant is opening in South America and needs parts you provide, its leaders will probably research available options on the internet. 

Most of this research is conducted anonymously — meaning, on third-party websites like trade publications, social networks, online communities, etc. — far from the scrutiny of your revenue team. Without the ability to capture those invisible signals and associate them with the right account, your marketers and sellers will have no idea about this exciting new opportunity.

Revenue AI for Sales captures those signals, and then delivers hot accounts to your sellers on a silver platter. 

When sellers log into Revenue AI for Sales, their dashboards highlight accounts showing strong interest in your products or topics related to your business.

The 6sense Revenue AI for Sales dashboard shows a list of accounts, a temperature gauge to help you prioritize, actions sellers can take to develop talking points, and a timeline with details about account engagement.
The 6sense Revenue AI for Sales dashboard reveals a list of accounts, a temperature gauge to help you prioritize each one, recommended actions your can take to develop talking points, and a timeline with details about account engagement.

With this single dashboard, sellers can:

  • Easily prioritize their activities
  • Quickly discover new accounts in emerging markets
  • See what those accounts are researching

Find the Top Stakeholders at Accounts in Emerging Markets

Discovering hot new accounts in emerging markets is only half the battle. Your sellers also need to know who at those companies to target and contact. 

Thankfully, with Revenue AI for Sales, they can discover key stakeholders and get their contact information in a few clicks. 

When a seller identifies the new company in the emerging market, they can click into that account’s detail page and uncover contacts, their titles, and acquire contact information. 

Screenshot of a 6sense Revenue AI for Sales dashboard. It shows a list of contacts, when an individual last showed signs of buying engagement, the last time they were reached, whether they are an engaged prospect, how their engagement is trending, and buttons to help sellers immediately connect on LinkedIn.
An example of contacts at a manufacturing company within Revenue AI for Sales.

Now your sellers know exactly who at this company to target and have the necessary information to easily engage them with different campaigns.

With this information at their disposal, sellers can:

  • Deliver personalized engagement based on real-time research 
  • Quickly uncover key stakeholders on buying committees
  • Outflank the competition by engaging earlier and more often


6sense Revenue AI for Sales gives sellers their time back by removing the need to hunt for info about companies in emerging markets (and then further scour the web for their contact info). Instead, the information is at their fingertips. Add some filters, and in just a few clicks, they’re ready to start selling.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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