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6sense + Drift: Six Winning Personalization Plays That Work

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Marketers Seeing Positive Results In Their B2B Marketing KPIs

We know personalization matters in sales and marketing. And buyers are looking for meaningful personalization — not just filling in the blank of “Hi, [FIRSTNAME]!”

The good news is that combining 6sense insights with tools like Drift’s website chatbots and our 6sense Conversational Email capability creates quality personalized experiences that deliver big results.

In a recent webinar workshop, we assembled a dream team to share personalization plays that create exceptional sales and marketing experiences:

  • David Doloboff, 6sense’s VP of Global Business Development
  • Aurelia Solomon, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Drift, and
  • Ottavio Dattolo, Integrated Marketing Manager at Drift

Here are six plays presented in the webinar that you can use Drift and 6sense to pull to boost your team’s performance.

Why Personalization Matters

But first, some context. Personalization throughout the buyer’s journey is table stakes these days. Some examples of the impact that were highlighted during the webinar include:

  • 4x more buyers engage with Drift bots when they are personalized for target accounts
  • 75% of customers would buy from retailers that recognize them by name and recommend products or services based on previous purchases
  • 74% of online customers get frustrated with websites that present irrelevant ads, offers, and promotions

That’s why the insights 6sense offers are vital to the buyer’s journey. Powerful conversion tools like Drift and Conversational Email become far more effective when powered by intent data that allows them to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

The Personalization Playbook

Play #1: The Target Account Play

Deliver a white glove experience that accelerates the deal cycle.

In this always-on business world, immediate responses can make the difference between keeping or losing a prospect’s interest. We would all love to be able to provide immediate tailored communications to every person who visits our websites, but that’s not humanly possible.

Thankfully, AI isn’t human.

By using 6sense and a CRM to flag target accounts, there are no missed opportunities. When someone from those target accounts arrives on your site, it will trigger a playbook personalized for that prospect.

With Drift, that means the ability for the chatbot to converse with a prospect and tailor the conversation to the details you already know about the account.

With 6sense Conversational Email, you may use a website visit to trigger a timely email to start (or continue) warming up the lead.

Play #2: The Industry Targeting Play

Deliver unique messages specific to a particular industry or vertical.

Personalization is also great for tailoring content to specific industries or verticals. By segmenting your target accounts in 6sense, AI can pass that knowledge to connected tools so you can speak directly to their concerns, using their preferred vocabulary.

As Drift’s Aurelia Solomon explained, “I worked in healthcare for a number of years. We would never say ‘customer,’ it’s ‘patient.’ And you’re not going to say ‘buyer,’ it’s a ‘provider’ or a ‘physician.’ So it’s really important, as we talk about personalization, to deliver that in the right words, engaging them in the right way.”

Another way is by defining solutions. Rather than saying, “Here are the solutions we offer to companies,” personalization tools can name specific solutions for specific sectors, so prospects understand the benefits to them.

Play #3: The Keyword Play

The keywords used by your prospects let you know what types of content you should create so you can personalize buyer experiences.

Preparing scripts for bots and Conversational Email based around general keywords can help target buying stages and offer relevant content.

With Drift, that means the ability for the chatbot to converse with a prospect and tailor the conversation to the types of information the client has previously researched.

With Conversational Email, keyword insights should be used to trigger emails that delve into that topic — which can be especially powerful for accounts that may not yet be considered qualified for your sales team. Your BDRs and AEs may not have time to contact and converse with lukewarm prospects — but your AI has plenty of time to nudge and nurture.

Play #4: The Opportunity Stage Play

Engage buyers with the right message at every stage of the funnel.

A prospect’s position in the buying process affects everything from what information they need to the kind (and the amount) of attention they should get from the revenue team.

As Drift’s Ottavio Datollo explained, “If you think about Awareness and Consideration, you’re probably going to want to be super light, you want to be conversational and get the ball rolling. But when you know somebody’s in Decision and Purchase, that’s somebody that’s highly engaged, that’s getting down the funnel that you’re probably going to want to push towards a conversion or a conversation of some sort. So you can be a little bit more bold.”

Having a playbook prepared for Drift or 6sense Conversational Email that varies depending on where someone is in the buying process makes good business sense.

Play #5: The Competitive Play

Get on the offensive and showcase your strengths.

6sense can show which competitors your prospects have been researching. With that in mind, you can serve up the right message to differentiate your solution from the competition.

“You can also even take those customer lists of those competitors, upload them directly into 6sense or pull them in through the Salesforce integration and you can have custom playbooks that are designated off of that,” Dattolo said.

Our team called giving 6sense Conversational AI the power to make your best case against the competition an “advanced play,” but it’s another way to make the martech stack work for your team.

Play #6: The Upsell and Expansion Play

Deliver customized product messaging at the right time to increase renewals and upsell.

Another “advanced play” according to our panel is using conversational tools to support existing customers.

Existing customers are your “greatest asset,” Solomon said, so you want to keep offering them stellar experiences throughout their customer journey, not just their buying journey.

Dattolo highlighted the ability to use 6sense segments to listen for existing customers who may be researching related services that you can offer. “This is a great way to be able to personalize that experience and provide the resources that they need to learn more about that potential upsell and expansion without being super intrusive,” he said.

Your Drift chatbot can be used to mention upsell opportunities with a vendor they already know and trust. And 6sense Conversational Email can take the offer straight to their inbox.


Personalization using conversational AI is another way to deliver prospects the high-level experience you want them to have, as well as a powerful tool in your revenue team’s toolbox.

Our presenters summed it up this way:

Personalize the Experience

  • Bring 6sense account segments and buying stage predictions into Drift Intel and Drift Audiences
  • Trigger customized welcome messages, chat playbooks, and more
  • Provide easy options to buy based on visitor’s decision stage

Turn Intent Into Action

  • De-anonymize website traffic
  • Instantly recognize high-value target accounts on your website
  • Gain firmographic insights about accounts visiting your site

Accelerate Deal Cycles

  • Notify reps when high-value buyers are on the site
  • Start a conversation immediately, or at the right time
  • Engage in relevant conversations based on the keywords a buyer was using

Check out the full webinar for an in-depth discussion of each play.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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