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6sense Chrome Extension Turns Any Company Website Into a Contact Data Goldmine

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Sales prospecting just got a whole lot easier.

6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales™ platform helps sellers 

  • Find contact info for buyers
  • Understand the engagement level of accounts and specific buying contacts
  • Quickly take appropriate action to turn prospects into opportunities 

A Chrome browser extension lets you use 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales in real-time as you navigate accounts on the web. 

Let’s look at how this extension fits in seamlessly with a seller’s workflow and delivers actionable insights. 

Find Key Contacts During the Prospecting Phase

Sellers spend a lot of time on company websites trying to understand everything they can about an account like:

  • Their products and services
  • Who their customers are
  • How the seller can provide value to them
  • Key leadership figures and company initiatives

Unfortunately, sellers usually won’t find on-site contact information for the people they’re trying to reach.  Companies aren’t keen to provide phone numbers or email addresses of their employees.

Instead of calling or emailing, sellers often 

  • Try to guess the format of a company’s email addresses, and hope messages are delivered


  • Settle for sending a LinkedIn message that might get ignored or, in the case of infrequent LinkedIn users, languish in an inbox until their next resume update

Real, reliable B2B contact data is an essential ingredient for sales success. The Revenue AI for Sales Chrome extension empowers sellers to instantly acquire key contact information as they visit a company’s website. This removes costly extra steps and guesswork. 

With the extension open, you see a sidebar showing information about the company. Four additional buttons enable you to examine contacts, actions, buying signals, and technographic data:

A screenshot shows the Chrome extension as seen on the website of electric vehicle startup Canoo. Info about the company location, size, funding, headcount, revenue, type, and industry code is all readily available. 

Five immediate options help you drill down into actionable data:

  • The People tab provides quick access to a directory you can use to acquire contact data at the touch of a button
  • Highlight provides sales teams with suggestions for next steps
  • Keywords shows you the topics being researched by the account, as well as the locations of people doing the research
  • Tech & Signals provides technographic and psychographic data

Spend Less Time Hunting and More Time Selling

Sellers only spend 28% of their time‌ selling. The rest is spent on administrative tasks, researching, and planning.

A big chunk of time is taken up trying to understand an account’s history, including:

  • Previous engagements with sales (meetings, calls, emails)
  • The pages and content they’ve read on your website
  • The events they’ve attended
  • The topics they care about most

Without the right technology, a seller can spend hours trying to piece together that complicated history. 

With the 6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ lead generation Chrome extension, sellers get access to all of the crucial information in just a few clicks. When you are on an account’s website and you click the extension in your browser, you’ll be able to click on the “Highlight” tab and instantly get a run-down of the latest activities.

If a seller needs to dive even deeper into the history of engagement with an account, they can easily click through to the full Revenue AI for Sales platform and get more insights. 

The extension also gives sellers recommendations on how they should engage with an account — helping them spend less time trying to prioritize and plan their activities.

Within the “Highlight” tab, the extension will surface recommended actions a seller should take like:

  • Reaching out to a key contact showing interest through their activity, but hasn’t been contacted before
  • Acquire contact information for key buyer personas
  • Review the top pages on your website members of the buying team are keenly interested in
  • Focus on specific geographic locations that are showing the most activity
  • Align your messaging based on the specific technology the account leverages

The path forward is easier to find. Sellers can quickly pivot to building relationships with prospects rather than feverishly Googling for clues and wrestling with Excel spreadsheets to compile a dossier.


6sense’s Revenue AI™ for Sales is a robust platform that helps sellers prioritize their activities and uncover deep intelligence about their accounts. The Chrome extension makes these same great capabilities available whenever sellers research an account’s website. With relevant intelligence immediately available, you can spend less time hunting for data and more time closing deals.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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