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3 Ways CMOs Can Elevate Their Impact

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3 Ways CMOs Can Elevate Their Impact

You may have heard of the movement among CMOs to drop the -ing from their title and go by “Chief Market Officer” instead. The rebrand is a way for CMOs to stop playing small — to shift their priorities from managing daily activities to becoming strategic, high-impact leaders within their organizations.

6sense CMO Latané Conant is one of the pioneers of this renaissance. She’s been a cheerleader for marketing leaders for years, and she recently published an ebook that lays out how CMOs can make the biggest impact in their companies.

The ebook, The Evolution of the Chief Market Officer, breaks down the three tenets of how CMOs can transform from taskmasters to changemakers …

Understand the market

Our recent research reveals two top factors in the success of high-growth companies, and they’re both squarely in the domain of the Chief Market Officer:

  • The product or solution (i.e., product-market fit)
  • Alignment on target market, ICP, or target accounts

On the first count, changemaker CMOs align with product teams on the tech stack, promote new product releases, and own market intelligence. On the second, CMOs lead the charge in defining exactly who they should (and shouldn’t) be selling to.

Build differentiated brands through experience

Latané explains that knowing our customers and prospects — what they’re interested in, where they are in their buying journey, and which team members are involved in the decision — is the only way we can provide truly relevant customer experiences. That’s how CMOs can differentiate their brands and stand out from the competition.

Optimize revenue generation

Like all executives, strategic CMOs should be obsessed with revenue. This starts with optimizing sellers’ time by pointing them toward the best, most ready-to-sign prospects. Next, CMOs must be vigilant about all the levers that influence revenue:

  • Maximizing conversion rates throughout the funnel
  • Increasing average sales price
  • And decreasing cycle times

Get all the insights

Ready to learn more about playing bigger as a CMO? Download Latané’s ebook today to get the insider scoop on how marketers can change the game for their companies — and their careers.

The 6sense Team

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