You can’t guess your way to quota.

6sense Revenue AI™ eliminates guesswork and arms your revenue team with the data and visibility it needs to create and convert high-quality pipeline into revenue.

Proceed with confidence, in any climate.

6sense revenue pipeline

Trusted by thousands of industry-leading businesses

Align your revenue team on one platform

Deliver High-Quality Pipeline & Superior Customer Experience

6sense Revenue AI™ drives predictable revenue growth by eliminating the expensive, time-consuming guesswork that’s plagued B2B revenue teams for decades.

Know Everything So You Can Do Anything

Make the most of every digital investment. Illuminate hidden buyer behavior. Analyze millions of data points to surface in-market accounts.

Drive the right action at the right time — across every channel.

revenue pipeline
Convert Untapped Buyer Demand Into Predictable Revenue

Convert Untapped Buyer Demand Into Predictable Revenue

Lots of companies want what you offer, but your martech systems can’t accurately detect buyer interest. This crucial, dormant data hides in what we call the Dark Funnel™.

6sense illuminates and analyzes these insights, empowering your team to proceed with confidence and predictably create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue.

AI-Based Predictions Enrich Pipeline from Creation to Close​

6sense Revenue AI™ applies the power of AI across the entire buyer journey, removing the guesswork that plagues revenue teams — and derails deals.

Armed with this superior analysis, a higher-quality pipeline, and the right revenue plays, you can craft pitch-perfect customer experiences that dramatically improve conversion rates.

AI-Based Predictions Enrich Pipeline from Creation to Close​

Build a data-driven strategy to succeed

Generate Revenue More Effectively

Our customers experience breakthrough results using our platform to generate revenue.

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“Taking action real-time is absolutely critical for us, so 6sense is empowering every marketer with SEI to successfully go to market with their segment.”

Seth Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer, SEI

“6sense has elevated my ability to iterate and improve our GTM approach. Almost like air-traffic control, I can look at everything and guide my account executives on how to spend their time. That’s something new.”

Jade Kahn

Chief Market Officer, AlgoSec

“6sense is an essential part of my revenue technology stack. 6sense has lifted the curtain for me in regard to dark data across multiple orgs. Between the integrations, available data, and up-leveling of aligned sales/marketing tactics, it is a part of my Revenue Technology stack that I cannot do without.”

Gartner Peer Review

Director of Revenue Marketing, $10B in Revenue Manufacturing Company

“Prior to using 6sense, I didn’t have that information. The only way for me to get information was through my contacts at that account or make an educated guess.”

Brandon Crawford

Senior Director of Enterprise Sales, Social Chorus

Integrate Your Tech Stack with 6sense Insights

Aggregate insights, centralize audience creation, and arm your team with more ways to win by integrating 6sense with existing technology investments.

Manage your revenue tech stack, using the precise mix of apps and tools that best serve your business, and fully power your ABM vision

Propel Every Role Towards Success With 6sense

Chief Marketing Officer


Drive cross-company strategy with the right insights.

Demand Gen

Demand Gen

Boost conversions with the most engaged audiences.



Run targeted campaigns to key personas.



Align sales and marketing with rich insights.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales

Engage HQLs, armed with relevant data.

Rev Ops


Streamline your teams and technologies to hit revenue goals.

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.

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