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State of B2B Revenue Report: AI Shifts from Novelty to Necessity to Accelerate Revenue Growth with 123% Less Effort

Discover how AI is revolutionizing B2B revenue growth, reducing effort by 123%, and doubling deal sizes. AI is no longer a novelty, but a necessity for B2B success.

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Analyzing 6sense customer performance reveals measurable effect of AI on B2B revenue generation 

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 20236sense, the leading platform to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create, manage and convert pipeline to revenue, today announced its The State of B2B Revenue in the Age of Intelligence report highlighting the impact AI has on B2B company revenue growth. The report’s findings demonstrate how AI provides tangible bottom-line benefits to B2B revenue teams, including:

  • 123.6% less effort required to make $1M in revenue 
  • Deal sizes twice as large 
  • Deal velocity 91.3% faster 
  • Increased deal size and velocity for jumbo B2B deals ($150K+) by 1.9x and 230%, respectively.

“Ten years ago, our founders believed that AI had the potential to change how B2B companies go to market. This report not only reveals the remarkable results our customers achieve leveraging AI, but also provides real-world examples and case studies we can all learn from and take action on,” said Latane Contant, CMO at 6sense. 

To understand the true impact of AI on revenue teams, 6sense analyzed the performance of 420 customers who use AI, data and machine learning across their go to market strategy. These customers ranged from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies that had their models running on the 6sense Revenue AITM platform for a minimum of four consecutive quarters between July 2021 and December 2022.

“The research data in this report further confirm that AI is a necessity for B2B companies seeking to boost revenue growth,” states Kerry Cunningham, 6sense Head of Research. “Virtually every B2B organization has access to reams of data about their buyers, but it takes AI to unlock the intelligence hidden within that data. AI allows organizations to create better buying experiences and to unlock a level of revenue productivity that was previously almost unachievable.”

Historically, revenue teams have gathered massive amounts of information available on their prospects, yet are drowning in data, face low-quality pipeline and continue to miss revenue targets. With AI, organizations can capture and make sense of the ever-growing universe of buying signals, allowing them to transform the vast amount of information available into actionable intelligence that reveals accounts with the highest propensity to buy. 

Moreover, by utilizing AI to enhance revenue team intelligence, companies can reduce waste across their go to market efforts to overcome an increasingly complex B2B buying process where a growing number of contacts on the buying committee conduct research anonymously online. 

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