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Combine intent data from Peerspot and 6sense with dynamic audience segmentation to deliver highly-personalized campaigns that drive key accounts through the buying journey.

PeerSpot Intent Data and 6sense Audience Segments Enable Highly Personalized Engagement with High-Interest Accounts.

6sense + PeerSpot = Better Together

Intent data from PeerSpot empowers revenue teams to stay informed as accounts perform research and compare providers. The integration enables joint customers to surface actionable insights for their revenue teams by incorporating PeerSpot intent data into 6sense segments.

The Power of 6sense & PeerSpot

Maximize the Value of Your Intent Data

6sense aggregates intent, engagement, and predictive data in a single platform, and then presents actionable insights to maximize value realization.

Target and Engage In-Market Accounts

View interactions with PeerSpot’s buying intelligence platform to uncover new prospective accounts, uncover expansion opportunities, and minimize churn.

Precise Optimization at Scale

Leverage AI insights throughout the buying journey to prioritize and engage the right accounts, facilitate the best use of data, and prevent waste of resources.


Customers must have an active subscription with Peerspot (PeerIntent) and 6sense (Platform).

6sense is the first ABM platform with whom PeerSpot integrates and the only ABM platform with native access to PeerSpot data.

Featured Integrations

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Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.