ServiceMax’s Global ABX Journey

ServiceMax launched a new global account-based experience strategy leveraging 6sense and experienced increased conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and strong pipeline growth.

ServiceMax is a leader in field service management, supporting customers who manage large, complex assets in the field. At the simplest and most powerful level, it enables 30 million work orders a year — about one per second.

Since its founding in 2007, the company has experienced explosive growth. An existing satisfied 6sense customer, ServiceMax’s leadership wanted to leverage the revenue platform’s capabilities as it launched a new global account-based experience (ABX) strategy. The stellar results continued, as:

  • Early-stage conversion rate rose 50%
  • Early-stage sales cycle length decreased 61%
  • Close conversion rate increased over 100%
  • New pipeline of $2.2 million emerged

The Challenge

ServiceMax set a huge challenge for itself: targeting 4,500 global accounts in a single year, selected on industry and geography.

Because the company had already been using 6sense as part of their martech stack, it could examine historical data and see what kinds of engagement had contributed to previous wins.


We really wanted to emphasize building out that buying team, making sure you’re targeting the right contacts — and using that data to go after those contacts with the right message at the right time.

Shannon JacksonDirector of Demand Generation, ServiceMax

Leadership assembled data from 6sense insights — as well as information on success in particular industries — to devise account priority scores. Sales reps used these to decide their targeting, which the marketing team supported with campaigns.

With the plan in place, ServiceMax was ready to go.

Making the Magic Happen

By bringing together information from 6sense and its other martech partners, ServiceMax served account executives (AEs) and sales development representatives (SDRs) regular information on account status and intent.

“And then we educated our entire go-to-market organization on those intent stages for pre-opportunities of awareness and consideration,” Jackson says. “Marketing is doing our air coverage based on those stages, and moving them down the funnel, getting ready for our SDRs to act on when they’re in Decision and Purchase.”

The success was immediate. By laying a clear foundation for the entire go-to-market team, ServiceMax increased early stage conversion rates by 50%, decreased the length of the early stage sales cycle by 61%, and raised the close conversion rate by over 100%.

The Next Frontier

Excited by its success, the team put forward a new plan, centered around 100 target accounts and orchestrated through 6sense.

The orchestration included:

  • A/B testing
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Dynamic, personalized ads
  • Language-based customization
  • Engagement tracking
  • Customized campaign dashboard

With solid communication between sales and marketing, ServiceMax optimized the campaign to generate 40% account engagement. The program created $2.2 million in pipeline and generated immeasurable excitement and coordination across the revenue team.

The Results

Even though ServiceMax had already been working with 6sense, it deployed the tools in new ways to not only draw on success but also strengthen the relationships between the teams.

And all that coordinated effort paid off with:

  • $2.2 million in new pipeline
  • A 50% increase in early stage conversion
  • A 61% decrease in early-stage sales cycle length
  • And a 100+% increase in close conversion