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Sage Intacct Excels at Web Personalization with 6sense

San Jose, CA
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Sage Intaact

Sage Intacct, a leading financial software provider, is making great strides with its ABM strategy. Partnering with 6sense, the company completely transformed the way its website welcomed prospective accounts. This enabled the company to:

  • Increase page-per-session views by 25%
  • Better qualify trial participants and connect them with sales representatives
  • Build cohesive messaging
  • Customize audience segments for personalization

The Challenge

These days, B2B buyers conduct most of their research long before they contact a salesperson. To remain relevant and competitive, companies must now provide personalized customer experiences that serve the right content at the right time to the right personas.

Sage Intacct wanted its prospects and customers to have a bespoke VIP content experience every time they visited the company’s website. But the site itself wasn’t doing the company any favors:

  • Homepage banner carousels overwhelmed visitors
  • Footers didn’t lead prospects forward in their journeys
  • Center content wasn’t customized to buying personas

From the Top: Customizing Banners

Different stakeholders within Sage Intacct — from demand gen to marketing to sales — wanted homepage banner space to engage visitors from the moment they arrived on the site.

But this internal competition led to a carousel of eight different banner messages, which negatively impacted overall performance, and especially engagement on mobile devices. Click-through rates dropped by half by the time viewers got to the second banner, and the rest of the banners were almost never seen.

The carousel was quickly ditched after Ari Capogeannis, Director of Growth Marketing and Analytics, plugged 6sense’s data API into the website. 6sene’s buyer-intent data was used to personalize banner messaging based on a visitor’s industry.

“We wanted to offer up content that goes a little deeper than that initial first touch, such as a capabilities report,” Capogeannis explains. “You don’t have to ‘carousel’ through all the messaging now. And the variations of content, which will automatically adjust depending on the segment that the account is in, are endless all based on what segments we create in 6sense.”

Keep on Customizing

Before Sage Intacct implemented 6sense, it used static footer buttons on its website. Now the website can leverage 6sense intent data to proactively switch that button, depending on where the prospect is in their journey.

For instance, if the prospect has seen the initial demo touch, they’ll get an invite to a live Q&A and the opportunity to engage with something different on the website.

And since 6sense tracks this function, those decisions also connect with Sage Intacct’s 6sense display campaigns. This means that if an account visits the website and consumes the demo:

  • The site invites them to a live Q&A (via 6sense’s personalization API)
  • Visitors also experience display ads elsewhere on the internet that promote the same message at the same time (for cohesion and impact)

Lesson: Not Everyone Needs a Trial

6sense’s data also influenced how Sage Intacct offered software trials to prospects.

“We know, if looking at attribution, anybody that’s closed/won touched the trial,” Capogeannis said. “So the knee-jerk reaction is, ‘Oh, we have to get the trial in front of everybody. And anybody that signs up for a trial we are going to auto-MQL.”

But auto-MQL’ing wasn’t the answer. With that strategy, conversion rates from MQL to OPP dropped from 14% to 2%.

However, they found that any time an SDR spoke with an account before the trial to set expectations and learn more about Sage Intacct, the customer experience wildly improved.

To support this pivot, Capogeannis configured a “web hot” segment through 6sense that was based on a number of scoring factors. Once an account bubbled into “web hot,” the live webinar the user is watching offers them a free trial.

Full Personalization

Having created personalized experiences in the banner and footer spaces, Sage Intacct used 6sense’s Personalization API and pixels to customize the center of the homepage to a user’s unique needs, which also yielded stunning results.

“We’ve seen a 25% increase in pages-per-session from people receiving the personalized homepage experience,” Capogeannis reports. “When the content is relevant to the account, they’re consuming more on the site.”

And for each of these personalization hits, Sage Intacct toggles metrics, which gives its team the ability to identify industries or any segment that has hit the website and analyze its on-site behavior.

The Results

All this activity has culminated into a streamlined, truly exceptional experience for prospects and customers. Sage Intacct now has a customizable digital experience that welcomes web visitors like VIPs and has:

  • Increased page-per-session views by 25% with a customized experience
  • Connected qualified trial prospects with sales reps
  • Empowered the company to coordinate messaging
  • Given them an endless list of segments to target

About the Customer

Sage Intacct continues to lead the cloud financial management revolution. Part of the Sage Business Cloud, Sage Intacct is used by thousands of organizations from startups to public companies to improve company performance and make finance more productive.

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