Khoros Delivers Personalized Web Experiences to their Most Valuable Audiences

The team at Khoros leverages 6sense to deliver personalized web experiences, shorten deal cycles, and increase average deal size. With 6sense: Sales cycles shortened by 42% Deal size increased 16%...

The team at Khoros leverages 6sense to deliver personalized web experiences, shorten deal cycles, and increase average deal size. With 6sense:

  • Sales cycles shortened by 42%
  • Deal size increased 16%

The Challenge

Khoros was doing a great job at providing a relevant user experience on its website … but it knew it could do more. Khoros’ site could more deeply resonate with visitors if it delivered personalized messaging aligning with  individual buyers’ unique needs.

Driving that level of customization with a two-person marketing team could be challenging. “We don’t have a lot of resources. Something like this honestly could take a whole full-time position,” explains Nathan Stull, Khoros’ senior manager of web marketing.

Stull and others knew they needed an alternative solution to realize their goals — while also maintaining a lean team and tech stack.

The Solution

Khoros turned to 6sense and Bound360 to tackle the challenge. Getting started was simple thanks to seamless integrations between 6sense, Bound360, and the team’s existing tech stack (which included Salesforce).

Rather than create unique content experiences across the website for all of Khoros’ constituents, Stull and his team realized they could take a phased approach that mitigated risk through tech integrations. They could incrementally build on small successes.

“You don’t have to do it all right away,” Stull says. “You don’t even need to know all the audiences. All you need is a high quality audience.  From there, you have a launching pad.”

Mary Clare Davis, vice president of strategy and product at Bound360, concurs.

“People get daunted because there is so much you can do,” she says. “That’s what we always say to our customers: ‘Pick one goal for that audience.’ Don’t allow the possibilities to overwhelm you.”

Powerful Personalization with Global Ambitions

Stull creates personalized web experiences based on Khoros’ internal data, 6sense intent data, and Bound360’s behavioral data. He relies on Bound360 to build the customized campaigns and successfully deliver the right content to the right audience. This enables Stull and his team to focus on strategy.

“There are top industries we target, segments in 6sense we use, and also user behavior [from Bound360] to segment and enhance their web experience,” he explains.

With this powerful tech combination in place, Khoros now personalizes huge sections of its website. Numerous modules and entire pages now cater to the specific needs and concerns of the users landing on the site.

And it’s creating a big impact. Recently, a personalized content experience on the site drove 68% of all registrations to a Khoros event.

“What’s really interesting is how in six months it’s evolved so much,” Stull says. The team rapidly went from no personalization to now dreaming about global expansion. Discussions are already underway for personalizing the company’s sites for Australia, France, and Germany.

The company is a shining standard for website personalization, says Bound360’s Davis.

“Khoros has been the perfect user of a personalization solution because they have a really clear idea of who they want to target and what they want those people to see,” she says.

The Results

Stull and his team now deliver personalized web content to a diverse set of audiences. Within six months, the team’s personalization efforts have driven real results, including:

  • 22% of all visitors received personalization
  • More than 4x increase in demo request conversion rate for visitors who saw personalization
  • Pages per session was nearly 2x higher for visitors who engaged with personalization

These results have enabled Stull to highlight his team’s impact to the wider organization.

We’ve communicated this capability up to our demand gen teams, our product marketing, and even to our marketing leadership. Everyone gets excited about it! It’s a really nice evolution for our website.

Nathan StullSenior Manager of Web Marketing, Khoros