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Keyfactor Swings for the ABX Fences with 6sense

Independence, OH
Revenue AI for Marketing

$2.2 million

pipeline created 


increased productivity per SDR


net new pipeline creation

Keyfactor is a cybersecurity software company within the identity and access management space. 

As Keyfactor began to experiment with aligning its revenue team’s efforts in an account-based experience (ABX) approach, it looked for martech partners that could help with targeting, metrics, and scaling.

By diving into ABX with 6sense’s revenue platform, Keyfactor achieved:

  • $2.2 million pipeline created 
  • 84% increased productivity per SDR
  • 65% net new pipeline creation

The Challenge

Keyfactor has always done a great job with sales and marketing, but as Jamie Walker, SVP of Marketing explains, company leadership believes there’s always room for improvement. 

Looking for a different approach than a standard “volume velocity” system, Keyfactor’s marketing team chose to experiment with ABX. Starting with a test group of 100 accounts, the team was able to get 23 of those accounts into pipeline. “That’s when we knew we were on to something,” says Kelly Webb, Keyfactor’s, Sr. Campaign Manager.

After that promising start, Keyfactor manually paired data and account behavior and pulled together a hyper-personalized orchestration with sales and marketing. 

“But at this point, we couldn’t scale because we didn’t have automation,” Webb explains. “So we only were supporting a third of our sales force. And at this point, we were still positioned as a marketing strategy that sales supported and not a marketing and sales motion.”

Keyfactor had bigger aspirations. In order to be able to scale the pipeline results it had seen in the pilot program, it needed to align go-to market teams, sales, marketing, and channel.

What Keyfactor needed was 6sense.

Next-Level ABX

Once the team adopted 6sense, Walker and Webb began to see the true potential of Keyfactor’s ABX program. They used 6sense tools and data to automate and target their work by:

  • Building digital campaigns for each stage of the buying cycle
  • Using one source of data to unite sales’ and marketing’s plays
  • Finding small metrics to measure progress towards larger goals
  • Bringing 6sense data into a custom Salesforce prioritization dashboard

“The sales team kept saying, ‘It’s magic. It’s magic,’” Walker says.

“It’s magic that works,” Webb adds.

Planning for What’s Next

Having built a solid ABX program using the 6sense platform, Keyfactor is now looking to the future.

The company still finds itself doing a great deal of manual work, so one priority is to use 6sense data to create automated and orchestrated email marketing programs, reaching target segments efficiently.

Having undergone a recent merger, Keyfactor is also interested in going global. This is another area in which its work with 6sense can help, by targeting specific accounts with specific offerings relevant to their regions.

In a nod to Keyfactor’s ABX work, another goal involves capitalizing on current customers. “We already have champions in those organizations,” Webb says. “So how do we then take the data of creating a segment, analyzing the customer behavior, and doing an upsell, cross-sell campaign based on what we’re seeing in the data intent?”

The Results

Walker believes Keyfactor’s success with 6sense can be credited to the work she and Webb did to cement buy-in across the company. “There are organizations that purchase the technology and don’t have the adoption. To me, that’s just backwards,” she says.

That commitment across the company, from SDRs to the C-suite, shows in the tremendous success Keyfactor has seen since adopting 6sense:

  • $2.2 million pipeline created 
  • 84% increased productivity per SDR
  • 65% net new pipeline creation

About the Customer

Keyfactor is the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises. The company helps security teams manage cryptography as critical infrastructure by simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and enabling crypto-agility at scale.

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