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How HighRadius Aligns its Revenue Team on an Account-Based Strategy with 6sense

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increase in engaged accounts in one quarter


increase in Purchase/Decision accounts


Ad view-through-rates

HighRadius, a fast-growing fintech company, recently shifted its corporate mindset, processes, and tech stack to align its entire revenue team to a 6sense-powered ABX strategy.

6sense’s access to deeper reporting insights revealed the impact of the revenue team’s marketing activities. It also highlighted the positive impact generated by the pivot to an Account-Based Experience approach.

In one business quarter, the company achieved:

  • 160% increase in engaged accounts
  • 40% increase in Purchase/Decision accounts
  • Ad view-through rates as high as 30%

The Challenges

Before 6sense, HighRadius’ go-to-market strategy struggled in two key ways:

  • Sales and marketing teams used competing approaches for outreach and engagement, diluting the revenue team’s overall business impact
  • Revenue leaders didn’t know which outreach methods generated the most successful results among the most accounts

The company’s Sales Development Representative (SDR) and sales teams targeted accounts while its marketing team used traditional lead-based models. HighRadius leadership knew success hinged upon moving both teams to ABX.

A Unified Front

SDRs were the initial driver of 6sense at HighRadius. They leveraged 6sense by prioritizing accounts in the Purchase and Decision buying stages and used 6sense Sales Intelligence within Salesforce to plan and personalize their outreach.

Excited by the SDR team’s experience with 6sense’s actionable insights, the marketing team got on board and the shift to ABM began.

Sales and marketing aligned on a single source of truth: 6sense insights. This, coupled with diligent enablement around the platform and the concept of ABX, resulted in full go-to-market alignment across their industry segments.

What was previously an MQL-driven procedure with leads handed off to the SDR team in hopes of conversion became a streamlined process built around the 6sense account engagement platform.

John Whiteside, HighRadius’ Associate VP of Digital Programs, was astonished by the clarity the revenue team now had on its accounts.

Peerless Marketing Activity Insights

Deeper reporting insights also brought much-needed clarity around the effectiveness of the marketing team’s individual activities. It also revealed the direct, positive impact of the company’s shift to ABX with 6sense at the core.

The biggest eye-opener for Whiteside was using 6sense to see how many target accounts were showing lower engagement and intent. This data empowered the revenue team to use different marketing approaches to drive their buyer journeys forward.

HighRadius’ revenue team now runs integrated campaigns in its enterprise segment and tracks  overall impact via 6sense segment performance reporting, focusing on:

  • Overall segment progress — are accounts moving forward?
  • Which activities are driving them forward?
  • What opportunities are coming out of these campaign activities?

The Results

6sense’s insights continually motivate HighRadius to design more account-focused programs aligned with account signals to create accelerated movement toward sales conversations.

Its marketing team now uses 6sense predictive buying stages to inform the paid media campaigns built in 6sense. The results were immediate:

  • 160% increase in engaged accounts in one quarter
  • 40% increase in Purchase/Decision accounts
  • Ad view-through-rates as high as 30%

About the Customer

HighRadius offers cloud-based Autonomous Software for the Office of the CFO. More than 800 of the world’s leading companies have transformed their order-to-cash, treasury, and record-to-report processes with HighRadius. Our customers include 3M, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Sanofi, Engie GBS Solutions, Kellogg Company, Danone, Hershey’s, and many more.

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