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Aprimo Continues Its Upward Momentum with 6sense-Powered Strategies

Chicago, IL
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increase in total account engagement score


pipeline unit increase


increase in total conversion

Aprimo, a company that develops and sells marketing resource management and digital asset management technology, generated stellar marketing results within its first year of partnering with 6sense.

As the partnership proved valuable, Aprimo powered more account-based initiatives with 6sense data and insights. Its entire sales team also adopted 6sense, forging a united revenue team that operates in lockstep to continually deliver consistent, engaging experiences throughout every stage of the buying journey.

Since then, the revenue team witnessed:

  • 35% increase in total account engagement score
  • 24% pipeline unit increase
  • 28% increase in total conversions

The Challenge

Once Aprimo saw firsthand how significantly 6sense data impacted its marketing efforts, the company fully committed the solution, opting to unify the entire revenue team.

This meant rethinking the way the team:

  • Prioritized account outreach
  • Targeted buying committees
  • Examined long-tail searches

Company stakeholders were now thinking globally — and showing commitment and support to the revenue team as they rethought these approaches with 6sense as a partner.

From Walking to Running

Aprimo’s evolution with 6sense took a “walk, then run” approach. Initially, Aprimo “walked” — the company saw success with 6sense by focusing on sales and marketing alignment. It incorporated intent at the core of its GTM strategies, too.

The revenue team prioritized not just accounts that were in their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), but who was in their In-Market Ideal Customer Profile (IICP). If an account wasn’t showing intent, the team didn’t prioritize it. This greatly increased efficiency across the team and brought in larger deals faster than ever before.

Once they saw the power of 6sense insights, revenue team members began to “run.” Their account selection process became purely driven by the level of intent an account was showing. Ultimately, it always boiled down to the question: Is the account in-market?

Narrowing the Target

With the knowledge Aprimo gained from 6sense insights, its sales team homed in on the accounts that were primed and ready for action.

Each Aprimo rep has a Top 50 account list, all driven by 6sense intent scores. Even if an account fits Aprimo’s ICP, it isn’t added to an AE’s Top 50 account list unless the account is showing substantial intent — typically an intent score of 75+.

Aprimo deals with enterprise and large enterprise companies starting at $750 million in revenue. This typically means working with large, fragmented buying committees of 15 to 20 people, each with unique needs and concerns.

But Aprimo uses 6sense’s tools here as well. Marketing works with sales to map out the members of these buying committees, determining who is and isn’t engaged, and how they must prioritize their efforts and personalize their outreach to appropriately engage every individual in the decision-making process.

6sense-Powered Keywords & Global Expansion

The team was equally intentional about making Aprimo’s digital content resonate with buyers’ internet searches. Apirmo aligned its content and engagement to relevant keywords. 6sense’s predictive models provided long-tail variations of those keywords, too.

This activity helped increase conversions by 18%.

Aprimo used this approach as it expanded into Europe. The company included local-language keywords into its 6sense predictive model — in UK English, German, French, Italian, Flemish, Dutch, and others.

This enables Apirmo to engage with in-market accounts on a global scale. And it captures activity that would have otherwise been lost in the Dark Funnel™, had the company not globalized its intent model.

Committing to the Process

What’s Aprimo hidden secret to achieving this level of success? Prioritizing the process.

The commitment to 6sense has required several shifts, including:

  • A cultural standpoint
  • An increased focus on performance and outcome, and
  • A commitment to driving further adoption

Aprimo’s team also holds bi-monthly “Acceleration Summits,” much of which focus on increasing the adoption of 6sense, enhancing current efforts, and brainstorming new ways to further empower the Aprimo BDR and AEs with 6sense insights.

The Results

By uniting the revenue team, working in stages, and thinking creatively about how to use 6sense to build on its achievements, Aprimo has generated stunning results.

The revenue team has seen:

  • 35% increase in total account engagement score
  • 24% pipeline unit increase
  • 28% increase in total conversion

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