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Custom Truck One Source Closes Millions from New Accounts Uncovered by 6sense

Kansas City, Missouri
Revenue AI for Marketing
Custom Truck Source One

Custom Truck One Source is a nationwide, single-source provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions like construction vehicles, oil and gas trucks, cranes, delivery trucks, and more.

They used 6sense to transition from a traditional sales and marketing pattern to a data-driven digital strategy, and their business accelerated.

  • Net new opportunities uncovered by 6sense have led to millions of dollars in sales in the past year.
  • 6sense insights about activity within their customer base have contributed millions in new revenue from existing customers.
  • Custom Truck One Source is now getting in front of the customer at the right time and lighting up the Dark Funnel™.

The Challenge

After years of growing through acquisitions, Custom Truck One Source needed to shift its focus to organic growth which required a new, modernized go-to-market strategy.

As part of a traditional industry, the company had relied on traditional sales practices like in-person customer site visits to drive revenue. But it was clear that these tactics weren’t set up for scale, and if the company wanted to succeed in its next stage of growth, it would need to work smarter, not harder.

After assessing website traffic and finding they had between 45,000 and 60,000 unique visitors per month, it became clear that plenty of people were interested in what Custom Truck One Source had to offer. They just needed to find a way to tap into that interest to turn visitors into customers.

Meanwhile, the marketing department was generating interest through display campaigns and emails, and they could see increases in site activity as a result. However, they had no way to link the results they were seeing to a strategic sales and go-to-market motion.

A 6sense-Powered Digital Transformation

In order to fuel the next stage of Custom Truck One Source’s evolution, they needed to turn their traditional, manual sales process into something scalable and data-driven. To do that, both sales and marketing had to align on interest that already existed in the market for the solutions they offered.

Custom Truck One Source began using 6sense to uncover insights and new demand from the activity they knew existed on their site.

“Previously, marketing would say, ‘We had this uptick in interest,’ and the sales guys would say, ‘So what?’ 6sense has been the ‘so what,’” said Bob Dudzinski, VP of corporate development at Custom Truck One Source.

Since implementing the account engagement platform, the marketing and sales teams have started to better align on the importance of intent signals.

“Some of our best success stories have come from one of our SDRs seeing someone on the website and sending their account rep a message in Salesforce saying, ‘Your customer is on the website. Give ‘em a call.’” Dudzinski added.

The Results

New insights and the improved marketing-sales alignment paid off — big time.

And 6sense also helped the team understand the buying cycle and real-time interests of the customer base. Armed with that intel, account reps were able to make timely, relevant calls resulting in millions of dollars of uptick in revenue from existing customers.

By spotting the fact that their traditional systems weren’t working and moving to a modern approach with 6sense, Custom Truck One Source saw:

  • millions of dollars in sales from new business
  • millions of dollars in revenue from existing customers
  • alignment across sales and marketing

“If you have a decent amount of traffic on your website and your buying cycle is sporadic, you can oftentimes feel like you’re one step behind when it comes to getting in front of your customer at the right time,” Dudzinski concluded. “That’s why this product has worked for us.”

About the Customer

Custom Truck One Source (Custom Truck) is the first true single-source provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions, offering a vast rental fleet, new and used equipment sales, aftermarket parts and tooling supply, world-class service, customization and remanufacturing, in-house financing solutions and reliable liquidity of aged assets through our auction.

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