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Yes, You Can Effectively Use Facebook for B2B Sales

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Today’s B2B marketers are feeling the pressure to use any and all channels available to reach their audiences. That includes social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn is often the prioritized solution for reaching buyers. Facebook dominates where people spend their time online during off-work hours. But historically, Facebook’s capabilities haven’t been conducive to effective B2B marketing. 

While there are some obstacles to reaching and engaging the right individuals within the right accounts via Facebook, it can be an incredibly valuable place to advertise and build brand awareness. You just need the right tools.

Where B2B Marketers Struggle with Facebook

The issues with Facebook stem from its inherent mission: to connect users with family and friends — not for professional purposes. Therefore, people aren’t logging on with the mindset of making a B2B purchase.

Facebook’s algorithm is directly linked to consumer responses rather than business responses. Its advertising platform works well for B2C brands, using demographic data like age, gender, and location, as well as “likes” and interests, for audience targeting. But most Facebook users don’t add work details to their profiles (title, role, company), which makes it more difficult to target the key decision makers you want to reach. 

This, along with changes in privacy, has degraded targeting capabilities and weakened the control marketers have over where and when their ads show up. B2C brands can often afford to cast a wide net, but B2B brands that target people who aren’t in the position to buy ultimately waste time and resources.

Between low buyer intent and subpar targeting abilities, B2B marketers are failing to see the ROI of Facebook marketing. And as a result, many shy away from using the platform as an advertising channel. But it’s not time to give up just yet.

Thinking outside the box and using powerful solutions to support your campaigns can drive revenue generation from Facebook.

Enter 6sense

Yes, Facebook is a personal platform, but third-party solutions exist that can provide the targeting details you need to present ads exclusively to those most likely to buy from you.

6sense’s advanced account targeting is integrated with Facebook’s advertising platform. This integration syncs dynamic audience segments within your customer data platform (CDP) with Facebook Ads Manager, enabling you to use your robust buyer insights to reach only in-market accounts. 

Our intelligence gathers data about buyers’ online activities — on your site and thousands of third-party sites — to predict buying stages and intent, and to create hyper-specific audience personas and segments.

With this data, you know which accounts are most likely to buy from you and what they are interested in so you can craft relevant ad content and deliver it to the right people. And by limiting your ad targets to the most valuable accounts, you have complete control over campaigns and optimize your spend.

Our integration supports all types of Facebook ads, including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • Instant experiences
  • Collections
  • Call ads
  • Mobile ads

Dynamic targeting within ads gives you the precision you’ve been missing — making Facebook an impactful part of your B2B marketing arsenal.

Make Facebook Work for You

There are 2.3 billion Facebook users worldwide, and some of them are business owners, CEOs, VPs, and key decision makers in their organizations. Don’t miss out on this huge audience; there is a way to effectively reach them without dumping some of your marketing budget down the drain. 

Leveraging an account intelligence platform like 6sense, you can put your buyer insights to work, deliver value, and put your organization at an advantage.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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