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Eliminate Outreach Guesswork with 6sense’s Recommended Actions Dashboard

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In an Account-Based Marketing approach — in which revenue teams woo multiple stakeholders per account instead of single contacts — sellers continually run into an ABX-specific challenge:

  • You need to conduct outreach to your accounts
  • You need to do so at a regular cadence
  • You need every touchpoint to matter
  • And this manual, time-consuming workload is only a fraction of what you need to get done every day

As part of our commitment to bringing marketers and sellers together and delivering efficiency to revenue teams through powerful automation, 6sense added a powerful capability to our platform.

We call it the Recommended Actions Dashboard, and it’s designed to help sales reps streamline outreach through AI-powered insights based on machine learning and buyer intent data.

What Does the Recommended Actions Dashboard Do?

Since they have such limited time to conduct prospecting or daily account check-ins, sales reps need actionable data at their fingertips. The Recommended Actions capability — and the UX enhancements to our platform’s Sales Intelligence Dashboard — provide:

  • Clearer account insights with fewer clicks
  • Highlighted action items, helping reps stay focused
  • Improved configurability, making actionable data easier to find

These recommendations are generated by intent data that is interpreted by 6sense’s AI and machine learning capabilities.

The end result: Recommended Actions presents reps with at-a-glance, high-impact actions they can take to efficiently and effectively engage prospects. It also provides a data-informed “Recommendation Reason” for the specific action, which gives sales reps insight into what’s going on with their target accounts.

These Recommendation Reasons might include:

  • High buyer intent
  • An unreached persona for a high-intent account
  • A high chance of matching your solution with their needs
  • And much more

The capability to harness intent data alone is a game-changer. But additional features further streamline a rep’s workflow by reducing the effort to activate those recommended actions to just one or two mouse-clicks.

This can eliminate hours of manual research and guesswork from a rep’s day, offering revenue teams the benefits of insight and speed — which are both crucial in carving out a competitive advantage.

More Ways to Work Smarter and Faster

In a similar vein, enhancements to our platform’s Trending People Dashboard also streamline workflows and accelerate decision-making. It’s now more easily viewable, actionable, configurable and reportable. It takes far fewer mouse-clicks for reps to view insights such as:

  • Previous actions
  • Intent data
  • Options to purchase or outreach to a contact
  • Report or customize a view
  • And much more

The innovations to our Recommended Actions and Trending People Dashboard empower reps to focus their efforts on higher-value tasks that help book more meetings and close more deals.


It’s important for your sales reps to stay a step ahead of buyers — and your competition — by knowing who to reach out to at the right time. Thanks to a combination of intent data and AI-driven prediction capabilities, our new Recommended Actions feature enables reps to do just that … and so much more.

Contact us to learn more about this game-changing capability, and find out what else 6sense can do to help deliver predictable revenue growth through unmatchable efficiency and actionable insights.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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