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Aha! Moments From Our Recent 6sense + Slintel Webinar (Part 1 of 2)

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Ah Ha Moments

Not long ago, we hosted a pretty terrific webinar that complemented and celebrated our recent acquisition of Slintel. In it, Slintel founder and CEO Deepak Anchala explained the ins and outs of the go-to-market intelligence platform, which helps businesses discover and connect with high-intent buyers.

We recorded the webinar. It’s great stuff. But if you can’t watch it now, we’ve identified a few key moments that are worth reading, especially if you’re a newcomer to buyer-intent data and Account-Based Marketing.

Here’s a transcript featuring Deepak discussing Slintel’s mission, and how it uses technographics to empower sales & marketing teams to drive predictable revenue growth.

On Slintel’s Beginnings

DEEPAK: So what really differentiates companies that actually win deals versus the ones that don’t [is that they understand] earlier and earlier signals of intent, and clubbing those different intent signals together. Because remember, no one intent signal can definitively say the person is going to buy a lot.

So the magic lies in combining these signals to make sense of a buyer and then using that in your sales and marketing campaigns. So we always had that vision. Our vision was to provide for a world where buyers and sellers find each other much more easily and have a lot more information on buying intent.

On How Technographics Immediately Impact a Deal

DEEPAK: When buyers navigate this complex world, they leave footprints in the snow. If you can understand what those footprints are and you can construct buyer journeys, you would know which buyers are in what stage and what they need: What buyers are in the Consideration phase, versus Purchase, versus Awareness, versus who are not at all in evaluation?

So, that eventually leads to reducing spam [because] you reach out to the right buyers with the right messaging. So the overall concept of Slintel was, “Let’s deconstruct the buyer journey and let’s capture early intent signals.”

On Knowing What Buyers Need (Before They Do)

DEEPAK: So let’s talk about what that journey looks like. We believe the very, very first thing that happens before a buyer even knows that they’re going to buy, is [that they understand their ecosystem]. Today’s buyer — before they buy a product or they buy a service — already has a suite of products that they are using and a suite of services they’re using.

So whenever they’re thinking of a new product that they want to add in future, they will think, “Is this product going to replace my current product? If so, when is my contract coming up for renewal?” Or, “Is it going to complement my current product suite? If so, can it integrate with any of my products?”

Or, “Is this a services company that provides support on top of my current products?” Or, “Does it replace any of my current services?”

So the first thing people see is, What do I have and what do I need? So people have already bought into an ecosystem.

One Powerful Way That Slintel Leverages Technographics

6sense, back on the mic here. Leveraging technographics in the way Deepak describes helps marketers & sellers understand if:

  • A buyer’s company uses solutions that compete with theirs, and
  • A company’s tech stack is technically compatible with their solution, which is often a critical sales qualifier

Slintel tracks about 20,000 technologies, offering revenue teams peerless visibility into the tech stacks of many companies. Deepak explains how Slintel customers use this information in their go-to-market strategies:

DEEPAK: So if your product integrates, or if you’re a service provider providing implementation support, [Slintel helps identify when it’s a] great time to reach out. … You can create filters on the platform and start receiving alerts as soon as you see a new customer technology.

So what our customers like to do is they like to create alerts on all of the competitor technologies and their integration partners. We run these algorithms every week. So every week you’re aware of, “Okay, who are the new customers my competition’s adding? Who are the new customers that my division partner’s adding, and how can I reach out to them?”


We’re thrilled that Slintel is part of the 6sense family, and can’t wait to bring its modern contact and technographic data into the 6sense platform for customers and partners.

We’ll share more must-read insights from the webinar in next week’s Aha! Moment post. Until then, get ahead of the game and check out the webinar for the full dive into what Slintel brings to the table.

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