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Episode 6: When Atoms Were Atoms

Episode 6

In this episode, Kerry recounts the history of the atom – or our understanding of it, anyway, as a lesson in how science continually disrupts itself to get closer and closer to an understanding of how the world really works. As individuals, proud of what we know and have accomplished, it is tempting to stand pat, and even to try to swat away new ideas in our areas of expertise. But that approach never works, and it certainly isn’t working in the realm of B2B revenue production. What are you defending? What are you resisting? Time to move forward.

Kerry Cunningham

Kerry Cunningham

Kerry Cunningham is a thought leader in B2B marketing and is a former SiriusDecisions and Forrester analyst. He’s an expert in the design and implementation of demand-marketing processes, technologies and teams for a wide array of B2B products, solutions, and services. He’s also developed a wealth of expertise in the alignment of marketing and sales organizations.

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