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Your Teams Will Fail Without This Framework in Place

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Success is more than just crunching numbers.

Jill Wiltfong, CMO of Korn Ferry, is defining what truly matters in driving your business forward. Discover how to avoid data paralysis by choosing metrics that resonate with all stakeholders and why storytelling in metrics is your unspoken edge in communication. 

She’s sharing her tips to embrace a culture of transparency, context, and continuous reevaluation — essential tactics to inspire not just teams, but whole organizations. And, she’s got a framework to share that will change your business for the better. 

Join hosts Saima Rashid and Adam Kaiser in an empowering dialogue with Jill Wiltfong that will leave you rethinking not just your business metrics, but the very essence of your leadership approach.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  1. How to identify which metrics truly matter to your business. Jill stresses the importance of KPIs that align with your company’s goals and growth strategy. This approach helps prevent data overload and ensures that you’re not just busy measuring, but measuring what really counts. 
  2. How to make your number story resonate with different stakeholders. Jill shares her expertise in presenting data through relatable stories that not only inform, but inspire action. By using this strategic communication approach, you’ll empower every team member to understand the significance behind the statistics and their role in achieving business success.
  3. How to adopt a flexible approach to performance measurement that evolves with your business environment. Jill discusses the importance of reassessing and adjusting metrics in response to market changes. Learn how to foster an environment of innovation and promote a culture of growing from both successes and setbacks.

Things to listen for:

00:00 From news anchor to business consultant and leader.
04:07 Data and emotions are both crucial for understanding.
09:12 Love data, use metrics, know your audience.
13:22 Contextual metrics drive consistency, authenticity, and growth.
16:48 Marketing influence grew from 76M to 550M.
18:57 Importance of being a collaborative leader.
24:06 Seek out introverts and recognize their needs.
26:03 Empower team, be radically human, authentic leadership.
30:22 Optimize actions for team well-being and cohesion.
32:09 Career support and coaching are crucial.
37:24 Suitcase confiscated in India; risky airport encounter.

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