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Account Based Marketing Is the Gift That Keeps Giving

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The art of gifting is not just about thoughtfulness—it can be a strategic powerhouse in the world of revenue generation.

In this episode, which may prove to be the gift that keeps on giving, Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso, unwraps the surprising might of personalized gifting in driving meaningful business connections. Explore the innovative tactics that elevate gifting from a generous gesture to a revenue-accelerating move. Learn to use intent data segmentation to fine-tune your outreach for resonant impact.

Whether you’re a revenue leader looking to break through the noise with something unique or a high-achiever eager to harness data for personalized buyer experiences, this episode of “Revenue Makers” has gift-giving all wrapped up. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  1. The transformative power of gifting in ABM: Discover how personalized gifting can serve as a potent tool in account-based marketing, helping you cut through the clutter and create memorable interactions with potential clients.
  2. Harness data and AI for precision in sales outreach: Unearth the secrets to leveraging intent signals, interest data, and AI technology to enhance the relevance of your sales approaches. 
  3. Expand your global reach with tailored regional strategies: Gain actionable insights into how understanding regional preferences and utilizing local resources can amplify your gifting campaigns’ effectiveness. 

Things to listen for:

04:42 Learn how to maximize your gift-giving strategies
09:15 Check out a new framework that automates personalized gifting and messaging.
15:19 Marketers value good advertising and gifting strategy.
22:12 Customers want personalized, data-driven marketing strategies.
23:56 How not to manage a warehouse in Las Vegas. 
26:43 Master the international gifting market.

The 6sense Team

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