Deliver dynamic, personalized content experiences at scale

With modern B2B buyers consuming up to seven pieces of content before engaging solution providers, personalized content has become critical to comprehensive, effective ABM strategies. 

Together, 6sense and Uberflip enable revenue teams to dynamically personalize content experiences at scale based on deep insights about accounts that are in market for their solutions.  

The integration between 6sense and Uberflip pushes essential personalization attributes (like account, persona, timing, and branded and generic keywords being researchedfrom 6sense to dynamically adjust Uberflip content streams. Revenue teams not only know which accounts have the greatest potential, but they can also deliver the right content experiences at the right time across hundreds or even thousands of accounts. 


Customers Using 6sense and Uberflip 

Joint customers are already taking advantage of the integration between 6sense and Uberflip to scale ABM across their entire go-to-market strategy. 

Aprimo leverages 6sense and Uberflip to deliver adaptive, responsive, and predictive content experiences to prospects and customers.

With 6sense and Uberflip, Fortinet went from generic to highly personalized content programs, exceeding conversion benchmarks by 15x without additional resources.

Announcing 6sense + Drift

6sense to Power Company Insights for Drift Intel to Personalize Conversations

6sense has partnered with Drift to provide account identification capabilities to customers using the company’s Drift Intel feature. The integration between 6sense’s Company Graph and Drift provides curated company-level data of website visitors to Drift Intel customers.