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6sense Grows Revenue by 100% in 2018 by Introducing a Platform Approach to Modern Marketing and Selling

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6sense, the leading Account-Based Orchestration Platform, powered by AI, announces a record-breaking year in 2018, with more than 100 percent revenue growth, fueled by an expanded team of key leaders and the acquisition of account-centric sales and marketing orchestration platform, ZenIQ.

Eighty-one percent of marketers expect the majority of their decisions to be data-driven by 2020. 6sense addresses this challenge as a change agent by offering the power of AI, big data and machine learning to B2B revenue teams through its ABM orchestration platform. The proven success of the 6sense platform resulted in a 10x increase in adoption and a score of new customers such as Zuora, Cumulus Networks, and Domo. Additionally, 6sense doubled its employee headcount in 2018 and expanded globally with two new offices in New York and India. Employee satisfaction is key to the company’s culture and success, and 6sense leadership continues to keep the brand’s employees engaged, shown in its Glassdoor CEO approval rating of 100 percent.

“B2B-revenue teams continue to have less control over the buyer journey, requiring a dramatic shift in the way they market and sell to today’s decision-makers”

“B2B-revenue teams continue to have less control over the buyer journey, requiring a dramatic shift in the way they market and sell to today’s decision-makers,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “Current point solutions are not solving the problem and, until 6sense, there was not a platform that provided AI insights to uncover demand, prioritize actions and engage buyers across the entire buyer journey.”

Striving to meet the evolving needs of B2B-revenue teams, 6sense also released five major products in 2018, including its new Sales Intelligence experience that aligns marketing and sales efforts at an account-opportunity level. This allows marketing teams to seamlessly surface the highest priority and most-likely-to-close opportunities to sales, ultimately closing more opportunities faster by focusing on accounts “in-market” with the right message.

“By leveraging 6sense, we have moved to a much more targeted and personalized approach,” said Olivier Thierry, CMO of Quorum, a 6sense customer. “This led to a 40 percent increase in opportunities, allowing us to reach our annual pipeline goal in less than nine months.”

6sense has also added two experienced executives with deep understandings of ABM strategies to lead its sales and marketing engine – Mark Ebert as VP of Sales, North America and Latane Conant as Chief Marketing Officer. Mark Ebert comes to 6sense with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise sales, and a track record of driving new business relationships and building world-class sales teams. Latane Conant brings a metrics-driven approach, commitment to sales and marketing alignment, and proven experience building industry-leading brands.

“Both Mark and Latane are committed to growing our leading marketing and sales engine at 6sense while helping our customers adopt an account-based marketing and selling mindset,” said Zintak. “Our 2018 growth in customers, employees and product development has set the foundation for future expansion and is a testament to our platform approach.”

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