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6sense Employees Say They’re Among the Happiest In the World

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6sense, the market leading account engagement platform, received two awards that further crystalize its reputation as one of the best companies to work for.

6sense’s latest workplace accolades — for “Happiest Employees” and “Best Perks and Benefits” — were awarded by the employee-review website Comparably. These awards are based on verified, anonymous employee feedback and reviews collected from more than 60,000 companies. 

“We want every 6sense team member to feel like this is the best place they’ve ever worked. That’s a big goal, and it takes every team member, making a difference for each other, every day, to achieve it,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “I’m continually inspired by this team and how our values cascade across the organization.”

Despite the countless curveballs companies around the world have faced over the past 18 months, 6sense’s focus on people and culture — and its commitment to transform the B2B buying and selling experience — shines brightly throughout the employee feedback collected by Comparably

Some examples of employee feedback include: 

“It’s been great! I feel fully supported from senior executives down to the line of business level. Everyone is aligned with making 6sense the best solution possible for our customers.”

“The people at 6sense are incredible. I have never worked for a place where everyone in the company is so helpful, warm and amazing at what they do.”

“At a high level, what makes me happiest at work is the people and the growth. The people are great and I can learn from them. The growth is not just at the top line, but I have real opportunities for professional growth as well.”

Other recent accolades that demonstrate 6sense is an employer of choice include: 

The award for Happiest Employees was determined through a combination of factors, including a positive environment, fair pay, great benefits, excitement about work and co-workers, clear company goals and investment in them, and pride in the company. The Best Perks and Benefits award was based on questions about perks, benefits, and their importance to employees.

6sense is actively expanding its team across a number of exciting roles. To learn more, visit the 6sense careers website. To see what it’s like to work at 6sense, read feedback from current employees at Comparably

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