B2B Revenue Teams –
Break free from the Dark Funnel™

Understanding the B2B buying journey is paramount to finding new prospects and converting them to customers.

But in an account-based buying world, that means you need visibility into buying signals from multiple people, across every channel, carefully analyzed over time.

And today, most of that journey takes place in the DARK FUNNEL– where signals like anonymous web visits, 3rd party research, and false form fills go unseen by your marketing automation platform.

6sense Shines A Light On The Account-based Buying Journey


Dark Funnel™

Research & buying signals that go unnoticed by sales and marketing teams & systems


Known Funnel

Visibility into campaign responses & sales touches

Before After

Understanding The Account Based Buying Journey

Devices. Channels. People.

Uncovering demand requires insight into what prospect accounts are doing throughout the full funnel, from early stage interest on 3rd party websites, all the way down to interactions with late stage marketing content.

6sense is the only platform that captures intent signals from every known and anonymous source, and connects it all to prospect accounts. Finally – complete insight into the account-based buying journey.

Predict Demand With AI

Predict demand. Close.

Without the right tools, big data can overwhelm rather than empower. 6sense has built the industry’s leading AI solution to help marketers turn a massive volume of intent signals into actionable insight that accelerates demand.

6sense’s patented AI platform uses historic intent signals to reconstruct the account-based buyer journey for your business, monitoring and analyzing changes in intent at a massive scale – scoring over a quarter-billion accounts and people every day.

As an account-based marketer, you can finally predict, with mathematical confidence, exactly where any account is in their buying journey.