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How To: Create Relevant B2B LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn represents an excellent digital advertising channel for B2B revenue teams to reach the right audiences and drive engagement. But crafting LinkedIn campaigns can be more challenging than creating similar ads for other social networks.

Use this How-To to create engaging B2B LinkedIn ads that align to your audience’s needs.

How To Create Relevant B2B LinkedIn Ads

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Chapter 1

A Unique Social Media Platform

LinkedIn’s 800 million members and 310 million active monthly usershail from countless industries and disparate roles … all of which represent a wide spectrum of business interests and concerns.

If you want people to actually listen to you at this party, you don’t bring a megaphone. You need precise messaging and targeting — saying the exact right thing to a very limited group of people at the party.

Thankfully, LinkedIn enables B2B organizations to target these important user characteristics with access to first-party data (work experience, professional and personal interests, and more) and integrate third-party robust ad-targeting technologies.

If you’re new to LinkedIn advertising, here are four must-know tips to help get you started.

Know Your Target Audience

Firstly, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of your target audience, and cross-reference this knowledge with your Ideal Customer Profile’s buyer personas, verticals, and stages of the buyer’s journey. Even geography can play a role.

These details inform critical campaign-creation tasks such as audience segmentation, persona- or vertical-specific messaging (or both), types of content to promote and unique messages or content based on sales territory.

Provide a Clear CTA

What do you want your users to do after clicking on your ad? Consider the business goals of your campaign. Do you want buyers to visit your website? Download an ebook?  Tell them so with a clear call to action.

A resonant CTA motivates engagement and manages a buyer’s expectations on what they’ll receive in exchange for a click on that CTA button.

Be sure that whatever you’re offering on the other side of that CTA has legit value and meets — or, better still, exceeds — the expectations set forth in the ad copy.

Craft Powerful Benefit-Based Headlines

If you really want your ads to move the needle, you can’t be subtle.

When creating a LinkedIn ad, it’s essential to highlight the solution to your user’s problems. Creating an ad that highlights a solution to your audience’s problems will help you generate more clicks and build awareness for your brand.

Your ads must have catchy and relevant headlines. Crafting headlines that stand out and evoke a response is part art, part science.

Use Different Ad Types & Variations

LinkedIn offers numerous ad formats for advertisers. Try creating different versions of ads that address different aspects of your audience’s business challenges and goals. Each can drive engagement in unique ways, such as lead generation, website clicks, and conversions.

Text ads: These consist of a headline, brief text, and an optional image. They can link to a website or a LinkedIn company page.

Carousel ads: This format helps you narrate an interactive story with swipeable cards in the LinkedIn feed.

Video ads: These ads are rich in details and often very engaging.

Message ads: These ads are direct messages sent through the LinkedIn messenger and contain a single CTA.

Chapter 2

6sense + Linkedin

6sense + Linkedin

To target your LinkedIn ads to your desired audience, you need data about their interests, company size, location, and work function. This will help you gain the visibility you need to proactively engage with the right people interested in your product or service.

Our integration with LinkedIn enables you to build dynamic segments and push them directly to Linkedin to layer in our data with LinkedIn’s ad platform.

You’ll have access to advanced targeting, layering data from both 6sense and LinkedIn, which is compatible with all of  LinkedIn’s various ad types.

Using our integration, 6sense customers maximize their ad spend and create data-driven campaigns that generate higher reach and conversions.

Ready to see 6sense in action?

The 6sense Team

The 6sense Team