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PTC: Building the ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine

Boston, MA
Revenue AI for Marketing


net-new high-intent accounts


6QLs within the first 2-3 months


of net-new pipeline

PTC is a global software company that transforms how companies create, operate, and service products.

When they brought in 6sense, they were able to achieve their goals in multiple areas, including:

  • 1200 net-new high-intent accounts
  • 1,000 6QLs within the first 2-3 months
  • $1M of net-new pipeline

The Challenge

On a mission to lead the digital transformation of marketing and meet the demands of an ever-changing business environment, PTC was looking for a solution that combined account-intent programs with AI platforms to deliver a customer-centric digital experience that provided value-led content at each interaction, resulting in pipeline growth.

Three use cases in particular quickly brought the PTC team success and return with 6sense:

  • identifying the whitespace (net-new accounts),
  • outbound prospecting,
  • and 6QL lead scoring.

Filling in Whitespace

The PTC sales team started strong by implementing an operational process across the team that included training on 6sense scores and insights and applying those to their daily workflow.

Immediately that effort uncovered opportunities they had been missing.

With 6sense predictive data, PTC was able to uncover 1200 net-new accounts in the Decision and Purchase buying stages in North America that did not previously exist in their Salesforce database.

These accounts were called on by the Business Development Representative (BDR) team right away, and multiple opportunities opened in the weeks to follow.

Outbound Wins

The sales team implemented “power hours” two times each week where every BDR hit the phone for 90 minutes straight, calling down an account list they prepared in advance by researching accounts’ intent and profile scores, along with their recent activity on the web.

With solid operational marketing support and an outbound sales method in place, PTC saw great success through their prospecting efforts. Within four months of rolling out 6sense data to sales, PTC generated millions of dollars in pipeline from new accounts and new opportunities created from this outbound prospecting work.

6QL Lead Scoring

Prior to 6sense, the marketing team utilized traditional lead scoring models which performed similar to other marketing automation platforms (MAPs) — they recognized a strong fit, and if there was engagement at the appropriate level those marketing qualified leads (MQLs) were passed along to sales.

Lead scoring with 6sense allowed PTC to prioritize leads where the entire buying committee (upwards of 9-10 individuals) on the account was showing the right signals of high intent and ready for sales outreach. In other words: They could see if an account was in-market.

The adoption of predictive lead scoring brought in 1,000 6QLs (6sense qualified leads) within the first 2-3 months, most of which would not have been passed along to sales via traditional lead scoring methods.

This collective addition resulted in $1M of net-new pipeline that could have been largely (or completely) missed without incorporating the 6QL methodology.

The Results

By incorporating 6sense insights into their team’s work, PTC saw real results in locating net-new accounts, changing the way they managed outbound sales, and shifting to 6sense lead scoring.

That led to great success, delivering:

  • 1200 net-new high-intent accounts
  • 1,000 6QLs within the first 2-3 months
  • $1M of net-new pipeline

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