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When Building a B2B Community, Don’t Forget the Joy

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Last week, we announced the publication of Want to Build a Successful B2B Community? Take a SoulCycle Class, an ebook written by 6sense CMO Latané Conant. It’s brimming with hard-earned actionable insights that can help your organization create its own successful B2B communities.

It’s absolutely worth a look. 

If you’d like a sneak peek before you download the book, we’ve got you covered. For years, Latané has provided CMOs with must-have rules for building the kinds of authentic B2B communities that thrive and grow. Here’s an example of one of those very important pillars.

Never Underestimate the Power of Surprise and Delight

Keeping your community at the forefront of the members’ minds is so important, Latané writes. Small gestures — such as sending members branded coffee mugs — can go a long way to delight and surprise them. And that, in turn, keeps them excited and engaged.

Here are a few non-material ways you can also spark joy and drive engagement:

  • Create and provide community-branded Zoom backgrounds
  • Provide weekly recaps of community activity
  • Publish ebooks that summarize insights from conference or community conversations

On their own, these little kindnesses might not amount to much, but when they’re viewed together, they can really energize community members.

Check Out the Ebook

Building a great community takes time, but it’s worth it. An engaged community builds not only feel-good metrics like customer satisfaction, but can also impact your bottom line in terms of pipeline, retention, and revenue. 

If you’re ready to learn the rest of the rules for building a successful B2B community, check out Want to Build a Successful B2B Community? Take a SoulCycle Class now.

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